The Significance of Dedicated Email Servers for Running Enterprise Standard CRM

Email is the heart of customer relationship management (CRM) for online businesses. It is one of the most widely used modes of communication that clients use to send and receive communication from companies. If you own a small or medium business that uses emails as a primary mode of communication with customers then it is extremely important that you have the best quality email server in place. The same applies if you happen to be the owner of an e-zine or happen to run an online syndication service. Normal shared email servers using the traditional SMTP protocol will be restricted in sending only a few hundred emails per hour. This is unlikely to suffice for a business of any reasonable size. So if you are capped by such constraints then it is probably time for you to start thinking about migrating to a dedicated email server.

A traditional email server is great to start your business with. However, there are a whole bunch of limitations with shared email servers. One major limitation is the number of emails that you can send in a given period of time. If you own a large list that requires sending out multiple thousands of emails in short spans of time then you are likely to be in trouble with a traditional email server. The over-use is likely to flag your account and eventually you may get shut down by your email service provider. That’s a great blow, especially if you are making profits from your emails. You would be able to avoid landing into such situations by using dedicated email server services.

If your customer base is segmented then that’s even more trouble for your email sending process. Any smart business owner using emails for CRM will have experienced the requirement to segment the customers into daily, weekly and monthly emails, and will need to send emails at different times. This requires complex processing at a large scale, and is handled way better with a dedicated email server compared to a shared email host.

Most of the modern dedicated email server services come on the Windows platform. Microsoft Exchange Enterprise drives the middleware of these email software server stacks. The front end is usually powered by Outlook. Buying your dedicated email server services from reputable organizations will save you the trouble of finding the Exchange server, installing it and operationalizing the installation.

The other option is to install a Linux based email server. With a Linux based server, you may end up avoiding some part of the cost that comes with Windows. The Linux email server will have to be manually configured as it is slightly more technically involved compared to configuring Windows servers. However, once installed, it will give you a performance and stability that is easily comparable with Windows.

In summary, it is important for a growing business with a medium-to-large sized customer base to use a dedicated email server in order to make email as a viable and reliable medium of managing customer communications and CRM. If you are running a business with such a customer base or you expect your business to have such customer base soon in future, it is time for you to consider making this movement.

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