Running Gaming Applications or Portals? Dedicated Servers a Must for You

Are you running a website or hosting a process that drives a gaming application? Is your client base sticking to you because they love the games that your portal offers and want to keep playing the games? If so then remember that the most critical asset for your business is the responsiveness of your portal.

Why move to a dedicated game server?

Clients stick to services and websites if they enjoy the service or the site. Games applications require a superfast turnaround time, often along with high-quality graphics rendering on the client machine in almost real time. With a performance requirement tuned highly towards efficiency, a shared hosting server is simply insufficient for running a gaming application successfully. If you want your existing client base to stick with you as you grow your business by acquiring new clients, you would want to move to a dedicated game server.

What do dedicated game server services provide?

There are a number of companies today that provide dedicated game server services. These services need to fulfill the requirements of speed, responsiveness and turnaround time that they have with their clients. In order to ensure quality, the dedicated game server will need to be equipped with sufficient processing hardware and network bandwidth.

A server of this nature will require processing multiple image frames for every single client at every instant of time. In addition, it will have to re-compute the inter-client dynamics in case of multi-player games at most of the instants. All of these computations lead to significant resource usage such as high-end CPUs, big amounts of RAM and large hard disks including big enough swap spaces. And this goes up fast with the addition of every single playing client.

The same goes for network requirements. The network speed and bandwidth need to be extremely high. If possible, opt for a multiple-IP machine. If the dedicated game server services offer virtual IP addresses that can internally map to multiple physical IP addresses then that may speed up the situation, depending upon the state.

What are the operating system options?

The two primary operating system options for dedicated games servers are Windows and Linux. Both are good choices. Windows is easy to setup and easy to extend. The NT architecture family drives the Windows based servers so the stability factor is awesome. On the other hand, Linux is slightly more difficult to install. The documentation on Linux may not be as strong as Windows. However, the stability of a Linux server will beat that of a Windows server hands down. So depending upon the quality of support to expect and the depth of guidance from the service provider, you would want to choose between Windows and Linux as your operating system.


Since the user experience with gaming servers depends strongly upon the responsiveness and quality of graphics provided, it is critical for any business owner to look for high-quality dedicated game server services. This is the best way to improve client experience as well as to grow your business to incorporate a much larger number of clients without facing infrastructure blues.

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