Dedicated Web hosting: A Checklist of Benefits

Dedicated Web hosting: A Checklist of Benefits

If you are reading this article, you would be aware of the fact that people talk a lot about benefits associated with dedicated web hosting. Owners of small and medium businesses appear to like hosting their websites on a dedicated web server to the extent possible. But have you ever wondered why? What are the benefits that they get which in turn help them grow their business by just moving to a dedicated hosting server?

Here is the set of benefits associated with dedicated web hosting.

• Guarantee of service quality: No other kind of hosting, be it a shared one or be it a virtual dedicated one, can give you the high guarantees that a full-fledged dedicated web hosting can ever give you. The turnaround in terms of the number of clients is phenomenally high compared to a shared server, and is a lot higher than a virtual dedicated server also. And the guarantees are also given at much higher levels in terms of process efficiency and resource limits. You pretty much “own” the server and hence can control the server practically to the level that you want to.

• Improved response rate: The dedicated web hosting servers are fast, because they would never host anything else but your websites and processes. So your clients will receive the best imaginable response time when they try to open your website. The response rate is good enough for almost all the web based businesses in the world, unless you are among the top few hundred websites in the world.

• Ability to quickly load resource-heavy items: Since the processor and resources are dedicated to your business, your clients will receive the best possible experience while attempting to load resource-heavy items. For example, a HD video on your website will be almost instantly downloaded to your client’s machine (unless your client is on a slow connection), and they will enjoy the video simply because they practically had to wait for no time at all to watch it. Talk about any other resource-heavy applications of processes – your server will serve all of it pretty well.

• Complete control of system resources: Since you fully own the server including the resources as far as operations are concerned, you completely control the resources. You will be the only one to dedicate resources to processes, thus being able to fine tune the browsing experience of your clients on your website.

• No sharing and no resource hogging: A dedicated web server implicitly means none else is going to share resources with your machine. So you are never going to experience any resource bottleneck. Another user is not going to come up and block or hog any resource form your server just when you need it – something that may have frustrated you and even led you to losses on a shared hosting service.

The list of benefits listed above that come with a dedicated web server are significant enough to make a remarkable difference to your business bottom line. So if you are on the fence wondering whether or not you should opt for dedicated web hosting, you should choose on the affirmative side if you are growing your business online and want to continue the growth.

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