All About HostingCon Global 2015

HostingCon Global 2015

HostingCon Global 2015

HostingCon, the global leading conference for web hosting and cloud computing will be held in July 2015 in San Diego, California. The magnificent event will be covered globally in China, Europe and India. The huge trade show engagesstrong local web hosting and IT service providers. The event is always held in an area with thriving technology culture,and best entertaining environment.

San Diego is famous for its strong local IT community along with the fun loving environment.
It has one of the world’s best zoos, beautiful historic gas lamps, shopping centers, delicious food, bright nights, and beautiful art museums. The city has mild weather with 70 miles of coastline and the beaches excite the public in all four seasons.

So, Whats the Point?

The mission of HostingCon is to promote the latest technology and industry knowledge. The conference is usually packed with best and brightest of the industry to learn and share the brilliant ideas with a solid impact on the global IT industry. Whether you are a new startup, an established brand or passionate about the inner temperature of the IT industry, this is the best opportunity to absorb the brilliant ideas, advance knowledge, methodologies and latest news to shape your business in a lovely environment.

HostingCon brings the industry, most vital issues on the board. The conference represents the unbiased, neutral atmosphere with no sales pitch or ‘pay to play’ speakers. Experts speak and share their expertise to enhance the vision and help to bring the brilliant ideas into practices.
Who are the attendees:
Not hundreds but over a thousand of professionals from different IT areas including cloud computing, hardware, software and hosting providers from 30+ different countries attend the great event.

What is in the conference:

  • Over 100 speakers
  • Keynote speech
  • General talks from the top companies
  • Roundtable talks
  • Question answer session with the experts
  • Specific training workshops
  • More than 30 new Exhibitors.
  • Great sponsor companies like Softlayer, oneapp, Symantec and many more.

And $100 off to early bird registration.

Hotel with group rates, the attendees receive a special price of Only $229 per night under the group “HostingCon.”

Who Should Specifically Join the HostingCon?

HostingCon is a huge trade show that specifically attracts cloud service and web hosting community all around the world. If you fall under the below categories you should never miss this great opportunity.

  • Hardware vendors
  • Software vendors
  • Reseller service providers
  • Hosting Companies
  • Managed Solution providers
  • Cloud Computing Companies

and If you are working as:

  • Executive IT team
  • Technical Financial Managers
  • IT Technical Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • IT Sales or Marketing
  • Consultants
  • Customer Service Managers

Why you should attend the HostingCon?

If you are still on the fence, here are some key reasons for you to join the great trade show.

Network with Peers & Investors

HostingCon is an excellent opportunity to join and network with peers in the industry. You can easily target the group of your interest for mutual benefits. You will also have an opportunity to make more connections. It is extremely hard for startups to meet the industry giants and get their personal attention in regular days. With this great opportunity you become more visible in the industry and find the right business peers and potential investors for your company.

Not only you will get the abundance of related information, but you can easily find out the potential business partners and existing businesses to get some great investments to grow your ventures. HostingCon is a great place to network with like minded, knowledgeable people living in various parts of the world sharing the common interest and skill set. The event is so rich that every day you get rich with more connections, partners, business knowledge and grip over the industry.

Solution to the Common Challenges

The show is an excellent place to get equipped with the right solutions to common issues and industry challenges. Peers around the world has the common goals and challenges. You will find easy industry solutions and suggestions.

Advance Knowledge

The event has organized roundtable discussions, workshops and specific training by industry experts. There will also be a direct question and answer sessions to facilitate the audience. You can discuss and learn new ideas and strategies to boost your personal skills as well as your business.

The HostingCon 2015 Locations and Venues

The real fun will begin on July 26 Sunday night and stay up-to July 29 in the San Diego Convention Center with a game show sponsored by PhoenixNap. On Monday, the attendees will have an opportunity to meet up over a drink. DH Capital will hold this open networking reception in the convention center.
If you are unable to reach the San Diego Convention center, you still have an opportunity to find the HostingCon event nearby.

HostingCon Global: San Diego, California – July 27-29, 2015

HostingCon Europe Sept. 22-23, 2015

HostingCon India Dec. 11-12, 2015

For More Details Visit HostingCon Website.

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