Blesta – A professional client management, billing and support application


Blesta softwareIn web hosting circles, the typical application choices for client management, billing and support are WHMCS and Blesta. There are others, but these are the two that we encounter most often.

We’re all in the business to make money, whether it’s to build the bottom line or simply to advance our brands, so keeping track of our money is paramount. Transactions have to be accounted for and expenses recorded. Income and taxes come into play and a myriad other factors – lose track of your money and things get messy real quick.

So which application should you choose?

Rather than go into the differences between WHMCS and Blesta, because they’re both excellent, we’re going to focus on Blesta here and review WHMCS later.


If you’re looking for an application that is reasonably priced, yet full of unique features, then you can’t go wrong with Blesta. This software was specifically optimized to provide outstanding modular support for client management, billing and support functions.

Intuitive user interface

A critical component of any application is its user interface. If an application is hard to navigate, then working with it becomes a chore instead of a pleasure. Fortunately, Blesta falls under the latter. One way that makes Blesta unique, yet simple and powerful, is that it calls to the forefront those features and options most frequently used, and relegates others to the dark side.


Would graphs help? Blesta offers informative graphs on a wide range of trends, making it easier to see and understand what’s going on with your money. Need to check histories? They span two years back so you’ll always have that to reference.

What else is there to Blesta?

Well, Blesta can perform automated database backups and fully customized invoices, in addition to web and email tickets – all with integrated exceptional security. Need to alter the source code? Yes, it can be modified to best suit your business or organization.

What about support?

One mark of great software is the support behind the product, and here is where Blesta excels. There are manuals, video tutorials and even a forum where queries can be raised and answers provided. Beyond that, Blesta does offer support via its account management team – either via email or by phone.

Live Demo is available

Not sure if Blesta is for your business or organization, there’s a live online demo to help you familiarize yourself with the application – either as a customer or a system administrator. Try it before you buy it.

Licensing options

You can choose to pay either monthly or procure an owned license.

System requirements to run Blesta

The requirements to install and run Blesta are listed on their website at Blesta System Requirements.

Minimum Requirements
  1. PHP version 5.4
  2. PDO, pdo_mysqlcurl (version 7.10.5), and openssl (version 0.9.6) PHP extensions
  3. MySQL version 5.0.17
  4. Apache, IIS, or LiteSpeed Web Server
  5. ionCube PHP loader
Recommended Requirements

 The following requirements are recommended, and if met will provide a better experience and more full use of available features.

  1. PHP version 7.2 or later
  2. PDOpdo_mysqlcurl (version 7.10.5 or later), openssl (version 1.1.1a or later), gmpimapjsonldaplibxml, mailparse, iconv, mbstringmcrypt (PHP <7.2), simplexml, and zlib PHP extensions
  3. MariaDB version 10.2 or later with max_allowed_packet = 128M or higher, and wait_timeout = 3600
  4. Apache, IIS, or LiteSpeed Web Server
  5. ionCube PHP loader
  6. memory_limit set to 128 MB or greater


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