The race for the next President of the United States is picking up steam

2016 President ElectionIt looks like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are the frontrunners on the Democratic side, and Ben Carson and Donald Trump on the Republican Side, if we are to believe the polls and media. There’s a long road to travel though for each of these candidates, as none of the Primaries have yet to run. We’ve all seen that public opinion can shift very rapidly. While some candidates like Donald Trump seem to trek onward in spite of angering entire ethnicities, it’s clear that there are wide divisions between the liberal and conservative camps. Why? As the past election so aptly illustrated, Americans in general are fed up with the ineffectiveness of their elected Congressional leaders and the extremes in political correctness that have permeated the root culture of America. Each side is strategizing how to use that to their advantage while portraying their competition as the source of these issues.

Political correctness has gone off of the deep end

When children in grade school can no longer pretend to aim a bow and arrow in the air without being suspended, or middle school students are prohibited from wearing shirts that offer tribute to our fallen Armed Forces moms, dads, uncles, aunts, sisters and brothers because they display a helmet resting on crossed rifles, it’s time for a wholesale change in leadership. If the candidates want to know where most Americans stand, simply read the online comment boards. If you look past those who are straight up Democrats or Republicans, no matter how qualified their candidate is, you’ll see a very angry populace. They wonder what happened to the America where they grew up. Why are parents being arrested for letting their nine and ten-year-old kids walk to the park to play? Why do we, as a nation, now imprison 2.3 million of our citizens when just 45 years ago, that number was closer to 300,000. Why is there so much racial strife now when we were making such great strides at equality just a few years back? We are now a nation divided between red and blue, such as we’ve never witnessed since the Civil War.

We’re tired of being baited by media outlets and so are the candidates

Much of this race is manipulated by media outlets, but the candidates are fighting back. Journalists will continue to publish online headlines that sensationalize the issues, but the core basics of election campaigns (like debates) are beginning to be fashioned to the favor of the candidates rather than the panel of interviewers. Americans are tired of the status quo and the candidates are listening. Americans are constantly being baited by the media – so are the candidates. Race baiting in particular is rampant. What we want to hear from the candidates are sound, workable solutions. Much of America cheered when Donald Trump said he’d immediately deport all illegal immigrants, but we all knew this wasn’t a workable solution to address immigration. It’s one of the reasons Ben Carson’s poll numbers continue to rise. Did anyone ever hear of Bernie Sanders before this race for our next President? Honestly? That doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be a good President. It does mean Americans are looking for something different than the same old way it’s always been done. Look where that’s gotten us!


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