The race for the next President of the United States is picking up steam

It looks like there are no frontrunners on the Democratic side, while President Donald J Trump continues to draw large audiences at his rallies. There’s a long road to travel though for all of the candidates, as none of the Primaries have yet to run and the Iowa mess last Tuesday didn’t help the Democrats.

We’ve seen Democrats lean so far left, they’re starting to get traffic tickets for driving on the wrong side of the road.  President Donald J Trump treks onward to the delight of his base and while it’s clear that there are wide divisions between the liberal and conservative camps, he continues to fulfill his campaign promises made in 2016.

As the past election so aptly illustrated, Americans in general were fed up with the ineffectiveness of their elected Congressional leaders and the extremes in political correctness that permeated the root culture of America.

Even now, with the Mueller and impeachment results behind us, the prospects of Democrats and Republicans working together to solve the issues that face all Americans seems unrealistic.

Political correctness had gone off of the deep end

In the past administration, children in grade school could no longer pretend to aim a bow and arrow in the air without being suspended, or middle school students were prohibited from wearing shirts that offered tribute to our fallen Armed Forces moms, dads, uncles, aunts, sisters and brothers because they displayed a helmet resting on crossed rifles. This led to Americans voting for a wholesale change in leadership.

If the candidates want to know where most Americans stand today, simply read the online comment boards. If you look past those who are straight up Democrats or Republicans, no matter how qualified their candidate is, you’ll see a very angry populace.

They wonder what happened to the America where they grew up.

  • Why were parents being arrested for letting their nine and ten-year-old kids walk to the park to play?
  • Why did we, as a nation,  imprison millions of our citizens when just 45 years ago, that number was closer to 300,000?
  • Why was there so much racial strife during during President Obama’s leadership?

We are now a nation divided between red and blue, such as we’ve never witnessed since the Civil War.

Never did I ever imagine we’d see a totally partisan impeachment effort by either party. Come on, no one in their wildest dreams actually expected President Trump to be convicted by 67 Senators. Democrats simply wanted air time to influence the 2020 election. So far, it appears their efforts have backfired.


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