The state of politics in the USA in 2017

A vote that left our nation very divided

A vote that left our nation very divided

Last year I wrote about the ongoing Presidential campaign in the United States, but never imagined we’d be in the current state of political upheaval that we’re in today.

Yes, Donald J. Trump was elected President, even though losing the popular vote by 3 million votes. He did however win the overwhelming majority of counties nationwide, and soundly trounced Secretary Hillary Clinton in the Electoral College, breaking the so called Blue Wall.

That was despite being outspent by Hillary on every front, even with many Hollywood celebrities pushing for her.  Many of those celebrities even threatened to move out of the country, to Canada, Spain and elsewhere if Trump won. Not surprisingly, none of them has moved to date.

Alas, breaking that glass ceiling when we elect a woman to lead our nation remains for another day and another time. Despite being called the most qualified candidate ever to run for President, Secretary Clinton ultimately carried too much negative baggage to win favor with Heartland America.

Working class Americans turned out in masse to rally around then Candidate Trump, to turn American politics on its head. Trump’s campaign took him to states that Hillary abandoned, thinking they were in her pocket. Once Wisconsin, Indiana and Pennsylvania flipped Republican, the world knew it was the beginning of the end for the Democratic Party.

Not only did the Republicans won back the Presidency, they also won majorities in the House and Senate, and are now poised to place another conservative judge on the Supreme Court, tilting the balance of politics there to 5-4 conservative.

It didn’t stop there either. Democrats lost ground in nearly every election nationwide, from Governor races to dog catchers. Ok, I don’t know about dog catchers, but the trend was unmistakable.

GovernmentAmericans were tired of the status quo, and basically saw a Hillary presidency as four more years of Obama’s policies. Using unsecured private email servers to conduct Department of State affairs didn’t help either. Neither did having sensitive State Department emails turn up on the laptop of a man being investigated for illegal online sexual activities (not mentioning names).

30,000 plus deleted emails (after a Congressional subpoena directing that all her emails be turned over), a dozen or so blackberry phones hammered into oblivion, plus (damaging) leaked DNC emails stacked the deck against Hillary Clinton.

From the very onset of both campaigns, both candidates were polled as the most unliked in history, but we know now that polls can be manipulated to fit any agenda. Most pre-election polls had Hillary up by double digits, and political analysts were predicting a landslide electoral victory for her.

What the pollsters did not factor in was the ground swell of support for Donald Trump, and that was clearly evident by the size of the crowds attending his campaign stops. Where was Hillary on the campaign trail and why were her crowds so much smaller?

Most analysts will tell you that her story did not resonate with working class Americans. She just did not align well with their desire for a change in the status quo.

When Donald Trump would not commit to accepting the results of the election when responding to a moderator’s question in one of their three debates, Hillary, the Democratic Party and much of the media were outraged, yet when Trump won, protests ensued from the Left chanting, “Not my President.” The hypocrisy in that did not go unnoticed.

Instead of a peaceful transition of power, we’ve seen violent protests from liberals unwilling to accept that they lost the election. We see degrading remarks about President Trump and his administration on a daily basis from Hollywood elitists and late night talk shows pandering to the Left. Shows that used to be funny, like SNL, have turned very dark.

American flagDo they not get that we are all Americans? That the people who voted for Trump are not deplorables, as Hillary described them. They are mainland America and their beliefs count every bit as much as anyone else. When you degrade the President and his administration to the degree that it’s going on now, this just reinforces that the election turned out just as it should have.

The bottom line is, if President Trump fails, we all fail as Americans. The media and polls have already failed us, and are simply not believable any further. The status quo is over. That scares a lot of folks and rightfully so.

The next two years and the elections in 2018 will be the true telling point. Can Democrats turn around their pathetic showing in nationwide elections from the previous eight years? What do you think?


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