How to Grow Your E-commerce Business

how to grow your ecommerce business

Are you looking for tips on how to grow your ecommerce business? There’s little doubt that billions of dollars are transacted via smart phones annually, with a fair share of transactions still being processed on tablets, notebooks, laptops and desktops.

What does everyone carry with them?

What does everyone carry with them everywhere they go though? It’s not their laptop or desktop! It’s their mobile phone, yet I continue to see mobile variations of desktop e-commerce sites that render their mobile sites hard to navigate, which invariably leads to lost sales and horrible conversion rates.


Even though some website themes are touted as being responsive, some are definitely more responsive than others. Have you checked your mobile presence lately?

E-commerce today

E-commerce has certainly changed over the years as evidenced by how brands reach their clients, specifically in terms of speed and ease of purchase. It’s so much easier now to make purchases on the fly; in the back of a taxi, sitting in the waiting room of a doctor’s office or simply kicking back in a recliner.

Convenience is the key word, but with convenience comes challenges unique to the online world. Losing eye contact and direct interaction between a sales representative and a prospect needs to be addressed in some other online fashion because most sales are emotional sales.

Adding a personal touch

I see way too many online shopping carts that are entirely too impersonal. After all, it’s 2024, so it’s time to develop new technologies and approaches to address online clients. Enhancing a prospect’s online experience doesn’t necessarily mean venturing away from the tried and tested method of selling solutions that ease their prospects pain in some fashion or another.

It simply means your online approach has to address the way words, graphics and videos enhance their shopping experience, and that entails touching their senses of sight, smell, touch, sound and yes, taste.

A new approach to testimonials

How many of you trust testimonials on desktop websites? I’d venture to say not many! I know I don’t. But, think about what’s trending, and that’s selfies. I can remember when people didn’t really want their picture plastered all over the place, but that’s no longer true. We’ve outgrown that, thanks very much in part to modern smartphones and the trend to capture our every moment on a selfie. But how does that play into increasing online sales? The answer is video testimonials.

Prospects are more inclined to trust an online testimonial when they can associate a real person with the recommendation or review. I mean, who is John P. or Susan W. on a typical testimonial anyway? Compare that to a short video of a real client touting the virtues of their most recent purchase, or the exceptional support they got from the seller.

Your competition

I can tell you this for a fact, and that is that your competition is innovating new ways and methods to provide a better online shopping experience.


There are countless ways that companies can creatively tie trending technologies to a more personal online shopping experience, and as the demand for improved purchasing options continues to evolve and grow, what worked in years past needs to be re-evaluated and tweaked to meet the demands and shopping desires of today’s digital shoppers.

This is not necessarily thinking out-of-the-box, rather recognizing new opportunities and methods to reach today’s market. Trust me, your competition isn’t leaving anything on the table and neither should you.

Tweaking your site

All things considered, anyone tasked with marketing understands that markets evolve, and it’s pretty evident mobile purchases are growing by leaps and bounds. Either tap into that opportunity, or risk being left by the side of the road, watching from the sidelines as innovative retailers pass you by.

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