Terms of Services

ProlimeHost: Terms of Services

Prolimehost.com is a web hosting company that offers mainly dedicated hosting service and business hosting worldwide. Your use of ProlimeHost services is subject to the below terms and conditions:

ProlimeHost: Terms of Services

All ProlimeHost products and services are for lawful purpose only, this includes all legal content that does not violate the international and local law and regulation of your country in any way. This agreement covers but not limited to: infringement, copyrighted content, trademark, or private protected information. The customer agrees to indemnify and consider ProlimeHost as not responsible for any claims in case of any violation of services. You, as ProlimeHost’s customers, are fully responsible for the content hosted on the server hosted in our data center.

SPAM and Unsolicited Email:

ProlimeHost has a zero tolerance policy against unsolicited messages, email bombs or raw mailing lists. ProlimeHost does not permit spamming, violation of agreement may result in temporary/permanent suspension or termination of services with no refund. Additionally ProlimeHost may charge $100 – $500 as penalty charges for violating the spam policy. Further ProlimeHost solely reserve the rights to suspend or cancel the service to identifyspammers with no refund.

ProlimeHost Network Security:

You agree that you will not use our network for port scanning or any other unethical scanning or security breach. This policy includes but not limited to unauthorized access of data, logging into a server or account, hacking, cracking, probing the websites or databases or network for weakness, email bombing, denial of service DOS attack, botnet, or running malicious code on the server for illegal activities. Customers violating the security policy may be reported to cyber crime authorities.

Payment and Fees:

The access of our service is solely dependant on the receipt of payment of all due charges. Service may be cancelled or interrupted for not paying the fee on the due date and time period. If payment is declined for any reasons we will notify you on the given email address, it is your responsibility to settle the charges immediately.

To cancel any service please provide us a minimum of 30 days written notice to make sure that there are no due charges into your next invoice.

Gold account servers renew yearly but can be paid monthly.

Customers asking the immediate cancellation will lose all the data and access to the services as soon as the cancellation order is confirmed.

Refunds and Disputes:

All payments to ProlimeHost are non-refundable, including any setup fee regardless of service usage or time period. If you’ve paid us in advance a (semi-annually, annually) pro-rata refund will be given for cancellation of the services. ProlimeHost does not offer trial or money back guarantee on dedicated hosting.


Any attempt to harm ProlimeHost that includes but not limited to slander, threaten, or harassing our staff, or company directly or indirectly is strictly noticed resulting in immediate termination of services without refund.

Refusal of Service:

ProlimeHost solely reserve the right to refuse the purchase order with or without notification. ProlimeHost reserve the rights to discontinue any part of service at any time.

Storage & Data Loss:

You agree that you use our service at your own risk, ProlimeHost is not responsible for backup storage of your account and data. You are solely responsible for data files and maintain your own backup for data safety. ProlimeHost does not maintain any backups of servers unless the special service is purchased to do so.

Disclosure to Law Enforcement:

You agree that we may disclose your information including but not limited to assigned IP address, account usage and history or server access or data to any law enforcement agency without notice or your consent.

Changes to Terms of the Services Agreement:

ProlimeHost may update, add or delete part of this agreement at any time to change the policy. Any revision to agreement will be effective immediately once posted to our website.