Zero Downtime

Uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) Agreement

At ProlimeHost, we guarantee 99.9% uptime for all customers. We have brought this uptime service level agreement to assure and meet the claimed uptime.

Service Commitment

ProlimeHost is committed to providing excellent trouble-free service to its customers.

Servers accessibility and network uptime are our top most priority to fulfill our promises.

Server Hardware Replacement

ProlimeHost warranty covers the accessibility of hardware including servers, CPUs, power supplies, memory, network cabling, load balancers, firewall, data storages and other hardware equipment associated with the network .

ProlimeHost will replace the faulty hardware within two hours after it has been reported by customers or the data center staff. The replacement warranty does not cover the rebuilding of raid arrays, re-installation of applications or operating system.

Network Uptime SLA

By purchasing our services you agree the terms and conditions on our website and you acknowledge that you have read and agree the terms and conditions attached to our services.

If by any chance we fail to cover our claim, we will compensate our customers as per below credit table:

Website Availability Credit
99.9% – 100% 0 to 40 mins 5% Credit
98% – 99.9% 40 mins to 14 hrs 24 mins 10% credit
95% – 97.9% 14 hrs 24 mins to 36 hrs 25% credit
90% – 94.9% 36 hrs to 72 hrs 35% credit
89.9% or less more than 72 hrs 55% credit

The above SLA credits applies to all dedicated hosting plans offered by Prolimehost.

The uptime figures will be calculated as 30 days rounded up to single decimal point.

The credit table is valid with below conditions:

=> You have an active customer profile with no past dues

=> Customer must contact us for the notification of the problem with complete description during the downtime as soon as possible

=> Customer must open a ticket requesting credits using ProlimeHost ticketing system within seven days of the outage

=> Credits will be added to the customer billing profile that could be used in the next billing invoice, credit will not be paid in any other form.

=> Credit is also applicable to multiple accounts affected by the outages


System maintenance includes scheduled or emergency maintenance procedures at ProlimeHost data center. ProlimeHost notifies the customers seven days before the maintenance operations. Emergency maintenance covers the operations to avoid and fix the immediate threats to ProlimeHost data center or network.

There is no credit payable if the problem is caused by

Governmental body or law, war, sabotage, fire, flood, strike, interruption, failure of third party software, hacking or shortage or inability of the necessary hardware in the market.

False reporting due to internal server errors like FTP, pop, IMAP, Cpanel, DNS propagation.

Downtime does not include scheduled or emergency maintenance required to maintain the network.