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Reliable Hosting Solutions For Successful Businesses

The online market is experiencing explosive variance and growth today. To keep up with ever-changing technology trends, Enterprise Businesses need an advanced, dynamic and reliable infrastructure. At Prolimehost, we feature an up-to-date, highly-optimized, secure and enterprise grade infrastructure enabling your business to obtain the latest in technological developments. Our optimized enterprise infrastructure will give you a boost in productivity and performance at an unbeatable price. Apart from latest enterprise technology, we have a culture of dedication, commitment and devotion in our company. We have a professional team of experts with a common goal to put all of our efforts to achieve 100% client-satisfaction by providing mature and rock-solid solutions to businesses. We love solving your problems and deploy advanced solutions proactively.

Server Management

LOVE your website but HATE the server maintenance & technical glitches? We offer cost-effective, secure, out of the box, rock-solid hosting solutions with our server management packages. No more slow creepy websites, no more outages, no more troubleshooting, and no more security threats. With years of extensive experience our experts make sure that your business is safe, secure and accessible around the clock.

Enterprise Hosting

Why settle for ‘kiddie hosts’ web hosting services. It takes experience, dedication and mature strategies to build a high-performance enterprise hosting solution. We back our technology with expert hands, tested and verified deployments, highly secure and reliable infrastructure, and enterprise grade hardware to make it a true “enterprise hosting service” that ensures your business productivity and performance.

Colocation Hosting

We have four data centers with an “always there” team. Our support is always ready when you need them. Our redundant power supply, Cisco intrusion detection, multi-layer security, cooling system and FCP internap flow makes our data center an ideal colocation partner for businesses. We use BGP4 for selecting the best routes and offer you a high-speed connectivity solution that enables your website to reach worldwide markets faster.

Backup Solution

Hardware failure, catastrophic loss, human mistakes and data corruption can destroy your business in no time. We have designed a managed backup system for your business safety. We use tape drives and offline multi-tier storage policies to make sure that your business information is available when you want it. We have an automated system to save your data and a process to make sure that your data backup is healthy and restorable.