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ProlimeHost: Acceptable Use Policy

This acceptable use policy dictates the use of ProlimeHost services. Below is the complete acceptable usage policy between ProlimeHost and the personal or corporate account holder.

Sharing of Information.

By purchasing our hosting plans you agree that ProlimeHost may use or provide your personal information to their business partners in order to conduct necessary business activities. You agreed that your information may be disclosed to legal authorities for any legal aid and requirements.

User Obligations.

By purchasing our service it is your responsibility to make sure that your content does not violate international/local law or regulation or infringe or misrepresent any intellectual property. You will not use any trade or service mark illegally.


This agreement applies to all account holders and resellers using ProlimeHost services. You are responsible to use each account according to our policies whether its under your name or a reseller account.

Payment Terms:

You must cancel the service by notifying our billing department one month before your billing date. There is no refund on dedicated servers, IP addresses, SSL or any licenses or additional softwares. ProlimeHost may suspend/terminate this agreement upon failure to pay bills on due dates. Termination of services will not dismiss your due charges, plus any settlement fees or any collection charges.Your account will not be reinstated until we receive the outstanding amount paid in full. We have zero-tolerance policy against spam and infringement. Any account may be terminated found violating terms of services with no refund or amount frozen.

Prohibited Services – By using ProlimeHost services, you agree:

No violation of international/local laws, regulations, or any applicable local or federal government regulation.

No transmission of unsolicited, spam emails or engagement in any related spam activity.

No misbehavior or harassment to our staff in any medium or language.

Not allowing remote execution of any illegal bad code or malicious software.

Not allowing or being involved with, or facilitating others in port scanning or denial of service attacks on our network.

Not to forge any important business information, trade mark or signature to deceive another person or business.

Not to use our services for any website or application involved in:
Hatred propagation, illegal arms, illegal medicines, religious or other extremist network, Trojans, malwares or malware botnets, mail bombs, torrent port scanning, lottery, muds, illegal porn, high-yield interest programs, HYIP IRC bots, brute force programs or mail bomb scripts

Backup Limitations.

Any shared/business hosting accounts using more than 25 GBs of disk space will be removed from our weekly backup scripts. You are responsible to maintain your own backups for your own data safety.

IPv4 Address Usage Policy.

Due to limited IPv4 addresses, we actively allocate the IP addresses. Customers should not hold multiple accounts to reserve the additional IP addresses. We strongly recommend to use and reserve the dedicated IP addresses when required.

SLA- Credits

You must apply for SLA credits within 7 days of any outages. The credits will be deposited to your account and will be adjusted in your future invoice.

Storage and Security.

You are fully responsible for your content, important data and storage of your server. You agree that you are entirely responsible for all tasks and errors that may damage your server content or may result in data loss.

We do not archive our dedicated servers and shall not be liable to you for any data loss, damage or destruction of your content. It is your responsibility to secure your server from hacking or any security threats unless you have purchased our services to manage your server.

Trademark and Copyright Claims.

ProlimeHost respects the copyright and intellectual property rights of others. If we receive a notice of copyright infringement, we reserve the right to access and preserve data in order to cooperate with internet authorities.

A Valid Notice of Infringement Must Have:

The electronic or physical signs of the authorized person.

Identification of the material and work that has been copyrighted.

Your full name, reachable phone number, valild email and physical address.

A statement declaration that you are the accurate and legal right holder, or are
authorized to act on the behalf of the original rights holder.