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Windows Dedicated Servers and its Importance

The dedicated server services market has seen an upturn in the last couple of years like never before. With modern sophisticated server technology, an ever-improving network bandwidth and stability in the Internet speed that was never before up to this mark, now is the golden era of server based high-speed hosting. Shared hosting with resources shared between multiple users works only as long a business is small enough. But the moment a business starts scaling, even the high-speed hosting may not suffice. The clients of the business may experience suboptimal performances, leading to customer churn.

Using dedicated servers is a great choice for any business that wants to scale online and control its own fates rather than depending upon the whims of the hosting service provider. And when it comes to choosing the operating system of the dedicated server, you have the option to choose between Windows and Linux among others. Windows dedicated server machines are normally built on the NT technology. It provides the user with a stable platform to build upon. Here are five major benefits of opting for windows dedicated server hosting.

  • Stability: A Windows dedicated server is built upon the NT server family architecture. This makes the platform solid and stable. That means, unlike a Windows client machine, the Windows server will not crash because of the robust underlying design.
  • Flexibility in control panel: No matter how great a hosting service internally is, the gain to the user can never exceed the benefits provided to the user. And these benefits can be produced only by introducing sufficient flexibility and deep control. With a Windows dedicated server hosting, the control panel will come with complete integration with the underlying platform. This will thereby expose the best of the system powers to its end users. This results in catering an extremely flexible and strong use of the server.
  • Extensibility:Windows is an extensible platform in terms of hardware. And it is easy to extend the server machine with upgraded and supplementary hardware even while the software stack is fully installed and operational. There is practically no server hardware that does not have its Windows compatible driver or full version. Installing hardware on top of these servers is easy. Hence, if you choose to extend or upgrade your server, a Windows machine is arguably your best option.
  • Vast software compatibility: A Windows dedicated server is compatible with a lot of the software available in the market. This includes control panels, email software, process software, website hosting software including PHP, ASP and Java/JSP and almost every other software that exist in today’s market. In case a software package does not have its Windows version, there will normally be an alternative. No other platform can boast of such variegated software compatibility.
  • Widely available support skill: Windows being the choice of most of the dedicated server hosting providers, the support staff available on this platform is mindboggling.

All the five major benefits mentioned above makes Windows dedicated server based hosting an extremely attractive option.