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value-add content SEO

The Internet is information intensive, with major search engines like Google and Bing assigning priority to content on websites that are value-add to the end user. Gone are the days where so-called SEO experts could simply employ search engine black hat tactics to trick sites onto page one to increase their advertising revenues. As the Internet attracts more computer savvy enthusiasts, the value of search engines results pages (SERPS) increases in turn. Let’s face it – the greatest content is of little value if no one sees it.

Value-add content increases time-on-site, lowers bounce rates and improves ROI

More and more, you’ll see websites on page one and two of search queries with relevant content. I personally hate clicking on a site that tells me nothing – instead just leading me to countless pages of links going nowhere. While the major search engines do not reveal their search algorithms, they do make recommendations. Relevant content creates value, and value sells products and services. It’s win-win as this helps with your search engine rankings and your return-on-investment (ROI).

Content should have appeal and uniqueness. If a prospect were searching for a web hosting provider, and clicking between results, why would they be intrigued by your site? Do you have products or services that drastically vary from hundreds or thousands of competitive providers? Do you offer a knowledgebase that’ll help with their research? Do you offer live chat or 800 phone services for those with questions? Does your site appeal to their senses? Is it graphically pleasing? Is the type well written and easy to read? Does the information on your site flow, and is it easily navigable? Do you have a sitemap? Is your pricing competitive? Can your visitors grasp the culture of your business – it’s management, history and valued clients?

value-add content is about supplying answersContent is about supplying answers

I’ve always heard its best when asked a question that you cannot answer off of the top of your head, to just admit you don’t know the answer, but promise you will find it. Or at least give the perception that you have the ability to get the answer.

Getting back to the prospect in a timely fashion is critically important, whether you have the answer they’re looking for or not. You can’t be everything to everybody, but you can be professional in every contact with every prospect and client.

Under promise and over deliver is a phrase I’ve heard a lot. Don’t promise what you can’t deliver. Putting relevant content on your website is so much more than an SEO strategy. It’s a business strategy – one of providing value, and that’s what drives successful businesses.

Case in point

I just had an occasion to review a website that offered web development and SEO services. The owner asked for, rather demanded honest reviews of his site. Upon scanning through the entire site, I was amazed at the lack of content, which essentially was the equivalent of one H1 tag and one H2 tag – and nothing more. When pointed out, they replied that was intentional, as they were focusing on a simplistic theme. On the plus side, they did have HTTPS and some nice testimonials.

In essence though, what they were asking their visitors was for them to know, like and trust their work enough to pull out their wallets and share some of their hard owned money, for what? There was no relevant content to explain what they were paying for.

I get requests all of the time from online portals from prospects asking for help to design or update their websites. Those requests typically contain two to three times the content (in detail) than this website did.

value-add copyrightCopyright Notices, Terms of Service and Privacy Policies

If you think visitors don’t notice old copyright years, you’re badly mistaken. Having a copyright dated 2012 when it’s 2024 shows not only lack of attention to detail, but lack of professionalism. It says to your visitors that you’re not keeping up with the business of business. That’s the face of your business on the Internet and it carries with it a lasting perception of how you conduct operations. And no, the site I reviewed didn’t even have a copyright notice, TOS or Privacy Policy.

Terms of service and privacy policies are written to protect not just the vendor, but the client as well. It sets in legal terms what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. I recommend you read Googles Privacy and Terms, and model your TOS and Privacy Policy after theirs.

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