DirectAdmin as a viable alternative to cPanel

DirectAdminIt’s well recognized that cPanel is the most popular control panel in the web hosting industry, but DirectAdmin is a viable alternative for any number of reasons, including:

It’s easy to use

When we talk about user interface, what most clients look for is efficiency that addresses everyone from noobies to the more advanced. With DirectAdmin, you get three levels of access; reseller, admin and user, and those can be easily managed under one login. Not happy with the interface? Skins (design layouts) can be swiftly interchanged with one click.

Efficiency as it relates to speed

Again, efficiency is at the forefront here because DirectAdmin utilizes very little resources on the system side of things, which makes it a viable solution for everything from very complex dedicated servers to the lowest of low VPS servers. This translates into increased speed, and who doesn’t want that?

How DirectAdmin deals with downtime

Here’s something you’ll love about DirectAdmin. It automatically recovers from crashes and sends sysadmins notifications so they can take corrective measures. In addition, it’s entirely stand-alone, so admins can easily change up libraries and services without apprehension.

DirectAdmin features an in-depth knowledgebase

Looking for a tutorial or answer to a question about DirectAdmin? Their knowledgebase is full of highly informative tutorials and answers.

Check out their Community Forum

If you’re looking to integrate DirectAdmin with other software help not supported by the DirectAdmin team, their forum is the right place to pose your query. Very often, your question has already been answered. Real clients, real questions, real solutions.

Their helpdesk is there to, well – help

DirectAdmin employs a helpdesk to ensure they receive emails asking for support. That communication is highly encrypted and supports uploads and attachments.

DirectAdmin offers a comprehensive site called Sitehelper, which is designed to support clients

Sitehelper is a thoroughly comprehensive website which has been created to support your customers, but it also has sections for administrators and resellers.

What would we do without technical documents?

Of course, DirectAdmin has documents that cover everything from info for admins to installation procedures and customization.

What to do when everything you try turns inside out?

Fortunately, DirectAdmin understands that not everything can be covered by or handled with help articles, so they have humans at the other side of the spectrum to help.

What are some the features they include for users?

  • E-mail Admin

A full range of email options are available including the ability to create POP/IMAP accounts, autoresponders and a variety of filters.

  • FTP Management

Do you need the ability to set directory permissions for FTP accounts? This comes in very handy when you don’t want certain users accessing anything and everything.

  • DNS Menu

Need full DNS control? You’ve got it! Add and delete records and alter MX settings? In there!

  • Statistics anyone?

If you’re looking for statistics on specific accounts, it’s included every which way from right-side-up to upside-down and inverted. Just kidding, but yes, it’s very thorough AND they include Webalizer!

The list goes on and on with features like:

  • Subdomains Menu
  • File Manager
  • MySQL Databases
  • Site Backup
  • Error Pages
  • Directory Password Protection
  • PHP Selector
  • Advanced Tools


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