How a Bad Hosting Service Could Ruin Your Business

bad web hostingNo one can deny the importance of a website for businesses or a personal portfolio. Almost all types of businesses and professionals have online presence today. However, most website owners only look for a colorful design and effective content.

Not only beginners but experts fail to partner with the right hosting provider for their online ventures.

Often, webmasters go with the popular cheapest service just to save some bucks. Many webmasters consider that all hosting companies run in similar manners and have the same technology.

A bad host could ruin your business in a very little time before you could even notice it.

Here are few consequences of a bad hosting service that could ruin your business in no time.

slow website

Slow Website Warning

Slow Websites

Annoyed customers – gone are the days when internet users had dial ups and it was normal to wait for a minute to see the website load in web browsers. Recent surveys proved that the patience level of website visitors has decreased to a few seconds. Visitors simply move to the next available website if sites do not load within 3 to 6 seconds. Unbelievable isn’t it?

It is no more a secret that giant brands like Yahoo, Amazon and Firefox have greatly invested to ensure their websites load in 3 seconds, and then experienced a great boost in their sales revenue.

An average hosting company deploys low-cost equipment to save money. These hosts lack fault tolerant technology to take care of their networks. As a result, your website takes longer to load on your visitors screens. This annoying reason alone could easily turn off potential customers, leaving a bad impression of your business.

Slow websites are considered to be unprofessional, and typically are never trusted by experienced users. If you are looking for more sales and a better business impression, you must opt for a faster and reliable network.

Not only are customers annoyed with slow websites, search engines also consider website speed as a ranking factor. It’s no more a secret that Google records the speed of the websites. Faster websites will definitely outrank slower websites.


Downtimes at all hours of the day = bad for business

Down Time – Loss of Revenue

A bad hosting company does not invest in better infrastructure and never hires an experienced team (to save money). Your website may go down for hours or even a day in the worst cases. Down time means loss of revenue. Some bad hosting companies have unknown down times that end up being extremely disastrous for your business.

If you are not monitoring your website with an online tool, you hardly notice that your site is not accessible at certain times, especially if it goes down for short intervals every day. Now imagine, what would be the impact on the customers and search engine of an offline website.

Poor Security Hacked Websites

No one can deny the importance of secure information system. Bad hosting companies are often the hub of bad scripts and phishing websites. Hackers could easily manipulate security holes on the network and easily hack important business information.

With a bad hosting service, your business is constantly on the risk and could be hacked, defaced or destroyed at any time. The loss could be irrecoverable with grave consequences.

If you have a business application or serious about your website, you must avoid poor hosting services at all cost.

Customer Service

The quality of customer service can make or break a company

Bad Customer Support – Constant Headaches

Bad servers and irresponsible customer care are often found together. Poor hosting services lack professional customer support and are unable to maintain quality of services. Your data and website are at risk. If by chance your server goes down or you may need technical assistance, be prepared for delayed and unfriendly responses. this is a common trait among bad hosting companies.


Never under-estimate the importance of a good hosting company for your growing business. Keep in mind that going with the cheapest hosting service will not save you in the long run.

You could easily ruin your hard earned reputation and ranking of your of business by purchasing a low-cost poor hosting service. Saving a few dollars a month is not worth the constant headaches and hassles you will get from a poor hosting partner.

Finding the right hosting partner could set you free from all sort of worries, and guarantee you a reliable and long-standing service. Always look for quality customer support, high-grade servers, reliable data centers and secure network.

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