The How and Why of Home Pages

Homes pages are the online portal for your business

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Home pages are those pages on your website where visitors first arrive. If you’re launching an advertising campaign, measuring the results of that campaign are paramount to maximizing your return on investment (ROI). Web analytics are the critical ingredient here. On an e-commerce website, would it be important to know what pages produce higher conversion ratios?

Home Pages versus Product Pages

As a rule of thumb, product pages generally deliver higher conversion ratios, as much as seven to one. Usually, the more specific and focused these pages are, the better your results will be. Even absent any analytics, we know, psychologically, that Internet shoppers are more inclined to purchase if the path from their search query to the BUY button is simplified or made easy.

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Relevant content is important

Relevant Content to the Rescue

What I frequently see on home pages are three or four purchase options, with a “read more” below each offer. These link to plans with additional options. More often than not, these plans simply display features and lack value-add content on solutions.

Here’s the catch – the major search engines prioritize relevant content; that is, those pages with rich content rank higher in their Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). Very focused product pages may not reflect the highest number of hits to your site, but they will produce higher conversion ratios. And if, at the end of the day, money in your pocket matters, tweaking your product pages might be a good idea.

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Tweak for success

Tweaking for Success

The key to tweaking a product page is NOT to tweak it to the search engines, rather to your visitor – your prospect. Keyword research helps. What keywords, keyword phrases or extended keyword phrases are being queried currently to find your products (or your competitor’s products)?

Imagine you’re a shopper and have just queried “VPS Services”? Is there a product page on your site with that extended keyword phrase? And does that phrase fit organically within your content – meaning it isn’t repeated 15 times on the page. Most ezine article submission sites recommend no more than 2% keyword saturation, meaning for every 100 words, no specific keyword should show up more than twice in the content.

My Recommendation

Whether your goal is increased sales, lead generation or branding, the basics remain the same. Make it easy to navigate to the BUY button. Include keywords, keyword phrases and extended keyword phrases on your product pages that directly correspond to queries currently being entered on the search engines that are relevant to your product or service.


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