Resource Intensive Ops? Why you Need a Dedicated Server!

dedicated serverBusinesses with resource intensive or high online traffic operations more often than not migrate to dedicated servers when shared hosting or VPS servers can’t handle the day-to-day complexities facing online businesses in 2022. One example of a resource intensive eCommerce application is Magento, which we never recommend to be run in a shared hosting environment. While performing marginally better in high-end VPS servers, dedicated environments offer the type of customization that’s necessary to streamline that specific data environment.

Could you run your own inter-office server for online operations?

You certainly could run a dedicated server from your office, but there are any number of reasons why that is absolutely not recommended. Point-to-point circuits can be run from a data center to a business location, such as to a bank’s internal server, which subsequently feeds data across additional point-to-point circuits to outlying branches. At issue are single points of failure. If that point-to-point circuit from the data center to the bank gets cut or otherwise loses its connectivity, the bank and all of its branches lose connectivity. This same scenario plays itself out across countless industries. Conversely, dedicated servers that are hosted within a data center take advantage of that data center’s multi-homed infrastructure to dramatically increase the odds that all bank operations, for example, will remain online uninterrupted 99.999 percent of the time.

How dedicated server hosting differs from shared hosting

Shared hosting packages from some of the biggest names in the web hosting industry typically offer unlimited everything from bandwidth, email and databases to disk space, so how could dedicated server hosting packages compete against that? Shared hosting accounts are actually accounts that are set up on a dedicated or VPS server that share the resources of that specific server. Some web hosting providers put a thousand or more shared hosting accounts on a single server, completely obliterating any semblance of reliable hosting. To top that off, with shared hosting, you don’t have complete control of that server.

Another issue with shared hosting is that you don’t typically know the specs of the server that your site is being hosted on. Is it on a server with an E3-1270v3 CPU and 4GB of RAM or some configuration more or less powerful? Is your provider running CloudLinux? Are they keeping up with security patches? Do they routinely scan their servers for malware? Are they keeping software patches up-to-date? How would you know unless your site either gets hacked or just takes forever to load pages?

All too often, when your site becomes resource intensive or you start attracting huge amounts of traffic, with shared hosting providers, you’ll receive a suspension notice for exceeding their CPU or RAM resource parameters. Suddenly that $12 per month plan becomes a multi-thousand-dollar headache.

Dedicated servers to the rescue

With dedicated servers, you’re not sharing your online account with one thousand other accounts or even two or three other accounts. That server is yours to configure and utilize as you need in order to manage your traffic and transactions. As your operations grow, you can always migrate to more powerful servers.

I always talk about hard and soft dollar investments because way too many businesses can’t see past their initial investment in hardware and software solutions. Cheap, more often than not, does not relate to reliable. You may win the battle in upfront expenditures with shared or VPS plans, but your goal should be to win the war in lifetime productivity, conversions and revenues.


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