Virtual Server Management

Proactive support with 24/7/365 Onsite Technicians

OUT OF THE BOX Reliable Virtual Server Solutions
with Complete SATISFACTION

Managed services for dedicated servers offers high reliability and performance with peace of mind. Our managed dedicated hosting covers installation, configuration, optimization, security and monitoring of the server for constant performance.

We have an extensive experienced team who specialize in advance server management like web server, database, storage, security and virtualization. Our virtual server service is not just a combination of colorful promises. We strive to provide you with a higher level of security, speed, and uptime.
We know how a security breach could ruin your business. That’s why we have put our years of server experience into practice. We deploy advanced security measures to protect your server and your business from any security threats.



Are You Ready for 24×7
Peace of Mind?

Tired of mass replies? No dubious “response time”
here. We start on each case within 1 hour.

Our Promise!

1 Hour Case Examination

Tired of mass replies? No dubious “response time” here. We start on each case within 1 hour.

6 Hour Case Resolution – 9/10

We say 9/10 as 90% of all tickets fall here. We leave room for 10% of tickets that by nature, take more time to resolve.

15 Minute

We monitor your server every 5 minutes. If it’s down, we’ll have it back online before you can say “holy cow”.


Nor do we claim to protect your data. We GUARANTEE it. See our Data Protection Guarantee

30 Minute
Response Times

On average, work begins well under the 1 hour mark.

1.5 Hour
Resolution Times

On average cases are closed within 1.5 hours

Compromise Protection

We don’t claim to protect your server. We GUARANTEE it. See our Compromise Protection Guarantee


Rain or shine, holidays, we’re always here for you. Even on that occasional 366th day.

Features Included in Plans

Proactive System Health Checks

Your server’s health is reviewed by one of our technicians to ensure optimal operation.

Proactive Security Patches & Software Updates

Critical security patches and third party server software updates are performed.

Proactive System Updates

Operating system updates are downloaded and applied to your server.

Proactive Security Audits

A security scan/audit is also run on the system to spot for any suspicious activity and possible exploits.

Proactive Backend Server Updates

Kernel, PHP, MySQL, Apache updates are applied or scheduled depending on your preference.


Reports are compiled and posted to your account.

Managed Dedicated Hosting

Managed services for dedicated hosting ensures that you experience maximum uptime for your hardware, software and applications on the internet, while providing you with peace of mind and satisfaction. Your business is put into the hands of our experts who regularly undertake advanced tasks like server installations, troubleshooting, software updates, firewalls, security patches, tweaking, optimization and real-time performance monitoring.

Maintaining a server requires hard core practical knowledge and industry best deployment strategies. It is a time-consuming, hard job to be performed by experts only. ProlimeHost takes this aspect of hosting off your shoulders so that you no longer have to worry about technical hiccups and troubleshooting. All you need is to get yourself involved in the activities and tasks that you love to do.

At ProlimeHost, our expert team makes sure that your business application and website is quickly-accessible on the Internet, safe and secure from any security threats, well-tweaked, updated, and well-optimized for load spikes. Let us monitor your server for best performance & stability.

The definition and application of fully managed services varies between different hosts. At ProlimeHost, we consider it a full-time job with dedicated system administrators that are trained to maintain and take care your business server and then fix problems proactively.

If you are confused between self managed and managed dedicated hosting services, you might ask yourself a few questions before applying to our server management system.

  • Could you afford downtime if something goes wrong with the configurations or software on your server?
  • Do you have the necessary skills to troubleshoot unexpected issues, like database and application crashes?
  • Are you familiar with shell commands and control panels?
  • Do you feel comfortable fixing your server and applying patches at midnight?
  • Do you update yourself to combat new and upcoming security threats to protect your online business from hackers?
  • Do you have a system to maintain regular backups for your mission critical business data?

And finally you have to decide. Is cost cutting
worth the extra work and responsibility?

By now, you would have decided whether you need a self managed server or if you want a fully managed service. We are a customer-friendly
company with a hassle-free server management system. Nothing excites us more than your positive feedback and watching you succeed in your
online business.