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Lets talk about Linux Dedicated Server and its monolopy

Windows happens to be arguably the most used operating system in the hosted server space. And yet, a number of IT business owners opt for a dedicated Linux server rather than opting for Windows. Is this a mistake committed by these people? Or is there some real merit behind this decision? Let us investigate further. Fact 1 – Linux is a lot more stable and flexible compared to Windows. Did you know of the UNIX server that was stated in the mid 1960s in a USA university lab and had to be restarted once in 1972? That is 7+ years of a continuous run – zero downtime in those 7+ years – while running all kinds of experimental processes from PhD students and computer science professors. Now that it has been another 45 years of development on Linux on top of the UNIX available at that time, and that you are a business user with a dedicated Linux server, can you imagine the stability you are expected to experience? And that comes with incredible flexibility also. Fact 2 – Linux is open source, and works well with a great deal of software packages. So a Linux dedicated server will be able to plug in a number of software components that would benefit your business usage. With a mature set of control panel software packages in place, you will be easily able to upload your executable processes and let them run on your server. Linux lets you run all the PHP and JSP server pages along with the regular HTML. And practically all the content management systems will run easily on the Linux software stack. Fact 3 – Linux is faster than Windows.

The speed that a Linux dedicated server can provide you will handsomely beat its Windows compatriot. This is because the open source community has been able to accept inputs from all the reputed University professors, researchers and PhDs rather than relying upon the development skills of the employees of any single company that other operating systems providers do. Windows is one such example – it is one of the closed-wall operating systems that can be developed and enhanced only by Microsoft employees. Fact 4 – Linux lets its advanced users take a lot of fine-grained control. And this is not one of those all-or-none factors. So if you start understanding one corner of your overall Linux machine better than before, you will probably use that corner of the machine better than ever before. Usually you will end up using this with a lot more effectiveness compared with you could use Windows with the same bit of understanding. The fine-grained control you can gain for the parts of Linux that you understand is incredible. Fact 5 – Linux is cheaper than Windows because the operating system comes as a freeware. Now that you have looked at the above facts, you may want to add moving to a Linux dedicated server also to your list of available options. While moving to Windows dedicated server is a common enough action that a lot of people take, nothing can ever come anywhere close to a dedicated Linux server if you run it via professional experts or if you happen to be a Linux expert.