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Why Choose ProlimeHost?

If you are looking for the best dedicated hosting service for your enterprise business, you have to look certain factors and decide it carefully. Not every hosting service offering bunch of servers becomes the best hosting provider and they are not cut all from the same cloth. Nowadays, online web hosting servers have become the necessity for online enterprise businesses, just like power, water and gas nobody wants them to go down even for minutes. In order to provide no-downtime solutions you need high grade equipment operated by expert hands to make them function all the time.

It takes more than server assembling and installation for a successful dedicated hosting business. You need mature design and planning, error-free deployment, latest technology, and investment to hire and retain the best manpower to become an outstanding dedicated service in hosting industry.

Unlike our competition, ProlimeHost does not assemble the cheapest hardware in the market and call it a dedicated server. We have carefully planned our solutions to mitigate the downtime and eliminate the IT hurdles to keep you online uninterrupted. On top of this we have engaged well-trained certified hosting professionals to manage the system with a simple goal that customer should run their business instead of fixing their servers. If you are looking for strict network uptime and super fast servers, let us help you to build a solution that delivers the performance with maximum availability.

Reliable Hosting has a Price. But We Promise to Be Reasonable & Fair

Today web hosting service has become the backbone of businesses providing a medium to reach out millions with their product and services. The more your website stays online, the more sales and trust you get. Similarly, downtime equates to low sales additionally damaging your company reputation and trust.

As a ProlimeHost customer, you are guaranteed to get the best performance in the low budget. Here are a few reasons why businesses choose us as their online partner.

Our Data Center

Unlike fly-by-night services, we are based in four major data centers enabling you to reach faster to your audience worldwide. We have designed all our systems from ground to top with redundant power, cooling and network to deliver the best speed with high availability. We have engaged top-tier data centers with minimum N+1 redundancy on all devices.

99.99% Network Uptime

Keeping our system functional and non-stop operations is at number #1 on the list. We have invested a major portion of our resources to attain the maximum availability. We are offering our customers a guaranteed 99.99% network uptime with our service level agreement. For this specific reason we have engaged enterprise hardware supported and monitored for trouble-free performance by our skilled staff available around the clock.

Truly Cost-effective Solution

We know that reliability demands money and can not be cheap but with our years of industry experience we are able to cut the cost in order to provide you the most cost effective solutions without compromising the quality & performance. We have no hidden charges or long term contracts to empty your pocket. If you are looking for affordable power and reliability, ProlimeHost could be the best choice, we guarantee you the most reliable solutions at the lowest possible prices.

Flexible Scalable Solutions

We have flexible and scalable infrastructure to serve a variety of audiences. We have cost-effective solutions that make us under the reach of individuals and small businesses, on top of this we offer the reliable high-end servers to serve the corporations. We have built the best-fit architecture to fulfill the business demands of businesses belonging to different IT sectors.

Proactive Server Management

At ProlimeHost We do not practice a reactive strategy. Our team constantly keep an eye on the system performance and monitor the network and servers to fix up the problems before they start affecting the system. Our team is all-time ready with recovery plans and prepared to meet the emergency outages with almost no or minimal impact on the system performance.

Our Service Agreement & Promises

We are committed to fulfill all our promises. Being a customer-friendly company our team is determined to perform outstandingly with unmatched technical assistance. We have a strict service level agreement in place to discipline our services and deliver the performance efficiently.

Server Security

Our fully managed service offers you an unbreakable multi-layered defense system to run your business online. We have an advanced firewall and intrusion detection system constantly filtering the traffic for any security threats. With the help of real-time scanning and intrusion detection system we kill the malicious attacks instantly without affecting the system performance. With our fully managed service you are guaranteed to stay online with complete security and peace of mind.

Unmatched Technical Assistance

At ProlimeHost, we pride ourselves with unmatched technical support ready to help you in any matter till you are fully satisfied. We consider our manpower as the backbone of our glowing service. We believe that a successful company is nothing more but a group of successful people who work with common goals and mindset to help each other. We put a lot of efforts to train our staff and create a helpful and positive culture in our company to achieve our longstanding business goals. Our technical support offers you unconditional and unlimited cooperation with a big smile on the face. All our staff is skilled and trained to fix your problems right away.