DDoS Protection Explained


DDoS Explained Infographic

Quite a large number of websites have endured Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks over the years. Usually these types of attacks cause massive numbers of computers to send data to a server which overwhelms its ability to facilitate legitimate users from accessing their site.

  • Can DDoS attacks be prevented
  • How much does DDoS protection cost?
  • Does your provider offer shared or dedicated protection?
  • Can you afford the downtime?
  • How long do attacks last?
  • Disaster recovery solution?
Can DDoS attacks be prevented
DDoS attacks cannot be entirely prevented, but you can surely put the brakes on most types of attacks.
How much does DDoS protection cost
Some web hosting providers offer DDoS protection free of charge whereas others charge from $9 to $$Hundreds / Month
Shared or dedicated protection 
Shared protection typically costs less than dedicated protection, but leaves you more vulnerable.
Can you afford the downtime
How much would prolonged periods of downtime affect your online revenues?
How long do attacks last
DDoS attacks can last from minutes to hours, and sometimes even days.  
Do you have a disaster recovery solution 
If not, why not? 

Cybercriminals are increasing the frequency of their attacks, and now have intensified their efforts with Ransomware attacks. The combination of these two types of attacks are the dark side of the Internet – its criminal underbelly.
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DDoS attacks cannot be entirely prevented, but you can surely put the brakes on most types of attacks. 

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