Squeeze page strategies for 2021


squeeze page strategiesAs you search – the Internet for squeeze page strategies, remember that Google algorithms are revised constantly, and many once successful one page squeeze pages (from time to time) fell by the wayside. But before I get ahead of why, what exactly are squeeze pages?

By definition – squeeze pages are defined as a single web page with the sole purpose of capturing information for follow-up marketing. Generally, the ultimate goal of a squeeze page is to obtain a visitor’s email address. Why? To build a list of highly targeted prospects (seems fairly simple).

Times have changed – To avoid penalties and drops in SERPS (search engine results pages), squeeze pages are frequently being designed across multiple pages, each with relevant value-add content. The goal however remains the same – to build a list that affords you the opportunity to present visitors with multiple sales messages over time, develop relationships, and cross-sell other products.

Conversion Strategies – will vary depending on your goal. The best conversion strategies focus on benefits and solutions. These can be either short or long term. Success stories work well, as do freebies – but we need to backtrack again. With the onslaught of spam, convincing anyone to give up their email address means your sales copy has to be compelling and you have to convey trust.

Trust factorThe Trust Factor – is huge, and I contend it’s the most important element of your site. Prospects buy from sales representatives, businesses and organizations they know, like and TRUST. So how can you demonstrate trust online?

  • Add Your Picture
  • Add Your Signature
  • Proofread your copy for spelling and grammatical structure
  • Have a Privacy Policy
  • Use Color Psychology
  • Be Value-Add
  • Give the perception of professionalism
  • Pay strict attention to detail

Successful Squeeze Pages – often use a short video and opt in form at the very top of the home page for visitors who want to sign up immediately, followed by content that essentially explains benefits and solutions in greater detail – with another opt in form at the bottom.

Squeeze page strategies – As you search the Internet for squeeze page strategies, some stand out from others as more value-add.

  • I’ve always found articles by Brian Dean from Backlinko exceptionally helpful, especially one he wrote a few years back entitled, “How to Create a Squeeze Page That Converts at 21.7% (Case Study).” In his case study, Brian said he took a Copyblogger article entitled, “How to create magnetic headlines,” and tweaked it for social media. I highly encourage everyone to read his article.
  • Another great article on landing pages was recently written by Leanna Kelly entitled, “How to Make Amazon Landing Page Promotions That Actually Convert.” In her article, Leanna talks about content optimization, promotional codes, time limits, discounts, tracking codes, formatting and targeting the right audience. What I love about her article is that she goes into what to do once a visitor opts in – stuff like how to follow up and how to integrate Facebook to increase conversions.
  • Swiped.co has some excellent examples of very successful squeeze pages, featuring swipes from Ryan Deiss (info marketing), Mercola.com (health & wellness) and Conversion Rate Experts (marketing). According to them, squeeze pages should be concise & make the opt-in form the star of the show. They go on to say, “Often, all you need for an effective squeeze page is a good, compelling headline with the form underneath.”

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