Save Money with Cheap Dedicated Servers

Inexpensive is the key word as “cheap dedicated servers” with ProlimeHost doesn’t infer lack of value-add.

dedicated server hosting

Our servers are provisioned on a premium network and not on some run-of-the-mill summer hosting provider’s home network that’ll disappear like smoke in a wind storm once school is back in session.

Let’s face it, the Covid crunch has left countless businesses, large and small, struggling to cope with fewer walk-ins, supply chain issues and employee retention. How can their respective budgets not be constrained? That has to be balanced with reliability because hard dollar savings need to be measured against possible soft dollar issues, for example downtime and loss of productivity. Of course, there are other considerations like security, loss of data, excessive latency and more.

Who can you trust

In the hosting industry, I read of providers going belly up way too often. Hosting forums are flooded with threads from members asking which provider to trust. The providers that survive are invariably the ones that provide value.

Perceiving value

So how do you perceive value online? The answer is researching lots of content – relevant content that’s geared to your specific needs. You want to know that the hosting services that you will be paying for will match your requirements. In a way, this comes down to the quality of a solution versus simply exceeding specifications.


How can you decipher whether the servers listed on our site are comparable to the last provider’s site that you just left? At ProlimeHost, we provide quality content that your business or organization can relate to, so you can ultimately make an informed decision on which server(s) best match your hosting requirements.

Core values

You need to match the servers offered to the infrastructure in place to support those services, at a price point that facilitates sustained growth and profit for both the provider and yourself.

With thousands upon thousands of cheap dedicated servers currently in the mix industry wide, it’s definitely harder than ever to be unique.

There’s a perceived value to every category of dedicated servers. We’re here to provide some value-add content so you can make an informed decision that best matches your hosting requirements.


We’ve been in the web hosting industry for over a decade, helping hundreds of clients succeed in what they do best and that’s running their business. We specialize in Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and dedicated servers, with data centers in Los Angeles, Denver & Singapore.


Our Virtual Private Servers all feature high performance Xeon processors and SSD storage in a RAID10 configuration to optimize your server’s performance, which dramatically enhances visitor experiences on your site.

That speed is backed by unparalleled 24/7 support, featuring both outstanding response AND resolution times to maximize your uptime.

Now is the time to join the ProlimeHost virtual private server revolution.


We only use enterprise-class hardware in our dedicated servers and offer a four (4) hour hardware replacement. Throw in IPMI for remote management, support for public and private networks, free operating system (OS) re-installs, and SATA, SAS & SSD (including NVMe) storage. Call 1-877-477-9454 or contact us. We’re here to help.


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