Countries with the Fastest Internet Speed


In this day and age, if you work at home, if you enjoy streaming movies or if you like to play online video games, fast Internet is a must. Without fast Internet, it will be hard, if not impossible to do any of those things, besides check your mail (that could take minutes, if your net is slow). Did you know that some countries have faster Internet than others? In the paragraphs below, we are going to give you a list of countries that have the fastest Internet speed.

The United States

In 2013, the Internet speed in the United States got faster, with an average speed of 7.7 Mbps. In due time, the net is expected to get even faster.


If we put the United States on the list, we definitely have to put Finland, because they have the same connection speed. They currently have a connection of 7.7 Mbps.

The Netherlands

If you live in the Netherlands, you have a faster connection that the USA and Finland. Their connection speed is currently 9.6 Mbps – isn’t that amazing?


Switzerland has a connection speed that is slightly higher than those in The Netherlands. Switzerland currently has a speed of 10.06 Mbps.


Is it hard to believe that the connection speed in Latvia is higher than the one in the United States? Currently, their connection speed is nesting at 9.8 Mbps.

The Top Three Countries Based on Internet Speed and Surroundings

Hong Kong

Hong Kong should definitely be on the list. They currently have a connection speed that averaged 9.3 Mbps.


Singapore is one of our favorites due to the super fast connection speed. They have an average of 30.07 Mbps. Due to this fast, Singapore has been labeled a “tech hub.” Do you know Eduardo Saverin? He is a well known techie – he co-founded Facebook. He renounced his U.S. citizenship and moved to Singapore. Yes, the Internet is obviously better in Singapore.


Surprisingly, Israel has super fast Internet connections. Currently, the company averages at 30.9 Mbps.


Bulgaria has been marketing itself as an amazing destination for global investors and companies. The Internet speed is another selling point. They currently have a speed of 32.1 Mbps.

So, what do you think? Would you give up your citizenship to the United States and move to Singapore, Israel or Bulgaria to enjoy the 30.07 Mbps? Many people, like Eduardo Saverin have already done it and if your job revolves around the tech world, why not? Did these Internet connection speeds surprise you?

Update Q3 2016

2016_Internet speed


Of course, a very large number of consumers experience speeds well in excess of these numbers. I, myself, experience 100Mbps downloads and 7Mbps uploads.

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