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Keywords in SEO stategy

How do I improve my Google ranking? I see this one question asked over and over in web hosting forums, so I took some notes about what their members recommended. It’s no surprise that writing unique, high quality content and building relevant back links took center stage.

In the order of their recommendations:

  1. Build High Quality (relevant) Back Links
  2. Create Unique and Fresh Content
  3. Create High Quality Keyword Rich Content Pages
  4. Do Social Bookmarking
  5. Build Back Links from Do Follow Sites
  6. Do Social Bookmarking
  7. Submit Articles
  8. On Page Optimization
    1. Titles
    1. Headings
    1. Anchor Text
    1. Meta Tags
    1. Alt Tags
  9. Submit to Directories
  10. Forum Posting
  11. Submit to Blog Directories
  12. Do Press Releases
  13. Blog Writing
  14. Target Long Tail Niche Relative Keywords
  15. Review SEO tutorials
  16. Keyword Density 2-4%
  17. Follow Google Recommendations
  18. Blog Commenting

My recommendation – varies slightly from theirs, although most of what is listed is important to maximize your marketing efforts. Certainly, building quality back links ranks high, as well as creating unique and fresh content (that adds value).

Value is the one word that was absent from – every thread and comment, even though it was implied. Value drives business (period). Keeping your keyword density between 2 and 4 percent won’t help one click if there’s no perception of value on your site.

Another key point is your Title tag – Too often I see the same title tag repeated on every page of a website. And many of them lack keywords that are relevant to their specific page. The title tag on your home page should highlight your entire site, but title tags on interior pages should target that specific page. Note: Google has started doing the same to title tags as they’ve done with meta descriptions, and that is they’ll change them from time to time.

Following Google’s recommendations is – (very) smart advice. I’d also search for SEO tutorials; being careful to concentrate on current articles (what worked yesterday doesn’t work today).

And ABSOLUTELY add VIDEO testimonials to your site. Why? Even though Google doesn’t place a lot of value on self-published reviews, video testimonials add a perceived level of trust to your online viewers, in effect saying to your visitors that you are professionals, you execute on what you offer and you’re likeable.

Do not overthink how to create testimonial videos. Interesting enough, homegrown videos (smart phones, GoPro) register well with visitors because they are perceived as honest and down-to-earth. In other words, believable.

Why not post them on your blog, and then either auto or manually post them to social media? Your Facebook or Twitter audience is then driven back to your website when clicking on that testimonial, increasing traffic on your site. Be sure to include internal links to relevant sections of your site.

Taking auto posting to social media one step further

Do not stop with just auto posting video testimonials to social media portals, in addition, auto post events, promotions and how-to articles. In fact, how-to articles rank extremely high in shares and re-tweets.  

Will growing your Facebook and Twitter audience help increase your website traffic?

Of course it will, in a big way. It’s part of branding your business across multiple online streams and venues AND if done properly, can produce fantastic results. I have heard this compared to fishing. Put out the right type of bait at the appropriate time, in as many fishing holes as possible and you’ll never go hungry. While branding, the concept is essentially the same. The big difference in attempting to brand your organization online is consistency. If you post every once in a while with NO consistency, you’ll lose a large segment of your audience. You’ll take one step forward and two steps back.

Simple question – how do I grow traffic on Facebook, so that I can then increase traffic to my website?

When most people reveal how many likes and comments they get on Facebook posts, it’s usually around 10 to 20, and those are typically friends and family. I viewed a very interesting and informative video by Neil Patel posted on YouTube in April of 2019 (so it’s relatively recent), where he promised one simple secret to increase Facebook likes. Watch the video and tell us your thoughts. Does his advice still hold validity, or do you have better options?

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