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Countries with the Fastest Internet Speed

In this day and age, if you work at home, if you enjoy streaming movies or if you like to play online video games, fast Internet is a must. Without fast Internet, it will be hard, if not impossible to do any of those things, besides check your mail (that could take minutes, if your net is slow). Did you know that some countries have faster Internet than others? In the paragraphs below, we are going to give you a list of countries that have the fastest Internet speed. The United States In 2013, the Internet speed in the United

A Complete Guide about Installing Centos in a Server

There are different flavors or versions of Linux that can be installed in a computer server. One of the more popular ones that are installed is CentOS. CentOS stands for Community Enterprise OS. It is regarded as the free version of Red Hat Enterprise OS, or as others say, a free clone of Red Hat, an enterprise Linux OS. CentOS can be downloaded from their website,, and there are other mirrors available to download them, also found in their website. Installing the OS is pretty straightforward. You first have to download an ISO, which is a cd image, from

Double your Ram, Drive & Bandwidth

Prolimehost has introduced a special offer for its customers this month that is sure to assist them in growing their business. All new & old customers can double their RAM, double their hard drive capacity and double their bandwidth on their next order. This special is a limited time offer for the existing customer as well as anyone looking to migrate to a more efficient hosting platform. The new offer is the direct result of our latest informal survey which highlighted three significant areas that consumers consider extremely critical to improving their online business functions. Competing in the global online