Guide on Installing the Apache Webserver

Apache is the most widely used webserver today. The apache webserver belongs to the open source project and is free to download. The same server can be used to host a few websites or even a very large number of websites. It can host websites of wide varieties. It can server both static as well as dynamic content. Steps to install the apache webserver: 1)First login to the Linux server using ssh. You can connect to the server through a terminal console if you are on a Linux computer or you can login through the putty program i.e., putty.exe if

What is Cloud Computing, A complete explainer article with Video

Cloud Computing Explained The cloud computing has a great impact and buzz on the internet. Cloud is a technology that offers the internet businesses to pay for IT services as per usage model. It has no flat fee as compared to other legacy computing platforms. With cloud services you could expand and shrink your IT infrastructure on the fly as per your business application needs. This is the most powerful feature that distinct cloud computing from legacy hosting services. According to surveys the small businesses had spent around $100 billion over cloud computing in the year 2014. Cloud computing uses virtualization to extract the most power

The Difference Between Game Server and Regular Dedicated Server

Game websites are both fun and business. You could easily make a good profit by operating a game website. There is a huge audience on the internet ready to play interesting games online. When it comes to game server it is totally different from traditional hosting service. You need a special architecture to run and manage the game servers. Internet games are always addictive and exciting to the people of all ages. The rapid changes in the internet technology have greatly affected our daily lives and behaviors. It has become a normal to spend hours playing games on the internet without taking your eyes off the screen. Games are not

How a Bad Hosting Service Could Ruin Your Business

No one can deny the importance of a website for businesses or a personal portfolio. Almost all types of businesses and professionals have online presence today. However, the most of the website owners look for a colorful design and effective content only. Not only the beginners but experts also fail to hunt the right hosting partner for their online ventures. Often the webmasters go with the popular cheapest service, just to save some bucks. Many webmasters consider that all hosting companies run in similar manners and have the same technology. A bad host could simply ruin your business in a

ProlimeHost launches Dedicated Server in Singapore

Prolimehost, a leading provider of web-hosting solutions and services for global business, is proud to announce the addition of new Singapore Datacenter Dedicated server hosting from Prolimehost just got better. We are pleased to announce the launch of our new data center in Singapore, based in the heart of Asia. which will help web-hosting customers to stay competitive online and serve their customers in Asia. This new offering will ensure customers in Asia and neighboring countries will enjoy the best connectivity with real performance. Our new data center is a state-of-the-art Tier 3 plus data center with 100 percent power