Are Ideas Without Execution Good or Bad?

ideas without executionI read years ago that ideas without execution are worthless, meaning that you can have the latest greatest widget in development, but until you build it, ship it and let the idea see the light of day, it has NO value. On some fronts I would agree, but value is really about perception. In my opinion, research and development has real value whether the original idea ever sees the light of day.

I see the light

A common icon for fresh ideas is the light bulb , but commercially available light bulbs were the accumulation of hundreds of failed experiments. And then you have offshoots that spawn billion dollar industries, like a popular ED medication that was initially being tested for hair restoration.

Real world testing is essential

Should you wait for perfect market conditions, or until each and every bug is worked out? Of course not! Real world testing is essential. Virtually all major vendors do test marketing to sort out what works from what doesn’t. Once you settle on what works, do that over and over and over until the market dictates otherwise.

Whether you’re designing websites or formulating search engine strategies, you can never really measure your efforts until your work is out there.  

Bleeding or leading edge?

Development doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Sometimes, there’s a competitive advantage to being on the ‘bleeding edge’ or ‘leading edge’ of ideas – products or services. And this applies to selecting just the right web hosting package as well.

Executing your plan

I see countless queries on web hosting forums every day asking their members for the perfect solution to their specific hosting requirements. You may expect xxxxx page views per day at the launch of your site, but more often than not, it’s xx or xxx page views. You need to execute your plan under real world testing and then adjust that as needed.


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