Double your Ram, Drive & Bandwidth


doube allProlimehost has introduced a special offer for its customers this month that is sure to assist them in growing their business. All new & old customers can double their RAM, double their hard drive capacity and double their bandwidth on their next order. This special is a limited time offer for the existing customer as well as anyone looking to migrate to a more efficient hosting platform. The new offer is the direct result of our latest informal survey which highlighted three significant areas that consumers consider extremely critical to improving their online business functions. Competing in the global online economy requires continual advancement in delivery speed and server capacity and bandwidth. Whether our customers operate a simple blog or service a large gaming community, the need for security, uninterrupted service and flexible bandwidth upgrades is crucial to growing their online enterprise.

In order to meet increased traffic demands, an online business will have to scale up hard drive space, memory and bandwidth. This allows them to stay ahead of their competition. This new special offer meets all those needs. Our limited time offer features double the RAM capacity of our current packages. It also doubles the hard drive space and doubles the bandwidth allocation as well. Anyone choosing from among our existing packages during this limited time offer will receive the free upgrade.

Prolimehost’s flexible server configurations allow for modular expansion while accommodating the unique requirements of small and mid-sized businesses. This translates into a stress-free entry into the online arena for those who are new to dedicated server hosting. Our on-site engineers are ready to answer any questions and help out in any way with 24/7/365 commitment to supporting our customers’ online needs. As a leading provider of web hosting systems and services for global businesses, Prolimehost is dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers. We offer a variety of dedicated multicore servers along with co-location facilities, enterprise hosting, server management and backup solutions. Type in the special code “DoubleAll” in the order box to get the best deal on memory, server space and bandwidth before it goes away. Click HERE to order now

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