Five Additional Ways to Use Your VPS

VPS Services

In this article, we discuss five different ways in which you can use a virtual private server (VPS). These are as DNS or FTP servers, repositories, VPN endpoints or forums.

DNS Servers

DNS servers are known as the phone book of the Internet. Why? Every time someone keys in a website name (URL) on their desktop, laptop, notebook, tablet or smartphone, a domain name server (DNS) translates that text in hexadecimal Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. Those addresses identify where that website resides (on what server).

The Internet utilizes a distributed hierarchy of DNS servers globally. At the top of that hierarchy are root servers, 13 in total, that store a complete database of websites and their associated IP addresses. Ten of those are located in the United States of America.

The majority of DNS servers are owned by businesses or ISP’s. Just as Google uses its own DNS servers to manage and other domains, businesses can and do maintain their own DNS servers for the same purpose.

FTP Server

There are a number of advantages to using a VPS as a dedicated FTP server, one of which is that it gives you a deeper level of security, than say unlimited cloud services. With a dedicated FTP server, you can disallow access based on factors like country of origin, IP address or other variables. You’ll also be able to customize it to allow access from user accounts to the specific information they need on the server.

In Linux, we recommend that you use SFTP. This stands for SSH File Transfer Protocol, or Secure File Transfer Protocol, which is a separate protocol packaged with SSH that works in a similar way over a secure connection. I’d seen a number of WordPress sites compromised via hacked FTP accounts, and that’s not pretty to deal with after the fact. Go SFTP and save yourself some headaches down the line.


It seems there are thousands of forums online, covering everything from automobiles, fashion, body building and professional sports – to web hosting. On any given day, there are millions of members and guests on these communities sharing complaints, recommendations and conjecture.

Shared hosting works well for new forums, but once a forum grows, they often need to step up to either VPS services or a dedicated server. Why? VPS services give forum owners and administrators virtualized resources that aren’t shared, specifically in terms of vCores, RAM and disk space. It also allows them to customize applications that may or not be allowed on shared accounts.


A digital repository is an online archive for the storage of digital objects; these can range from digital archives, manuscripts, still or moving image galleries or anything that is in electronic format and needs a place to be stored either short or long term. The possibilities for what objects you could store is endless, so let your imagination be your guide.

Some examples could be reports, educational theses, articles, chapters of books, podcasts or simply photos of products – or on a more personal level, family photos.

VPN Endpoint

Essentially, endpoints are where Virtual Private Networks (VPN) terminate. The connections transverse from one VPN endpoint device to another VPN endpoint device. This is facilitated via a digital tunnel between two separate networks. Why set this up? This puts those networks behind routers/firewalls as opposed to tunneling into a specific server or computer.

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