The Difference Between Game Server and Regular Dedicated Server

Game websites are both fun and business. You could easily make a good profit by operating a game website. There is a huge audience on the internet ready to play interesting games online. When it comes to a game server, it is totally different from traditional hosting services. You need a special architecture to run and manage game servers.

Game server prolimehostInternet games are always addictive and exciting to the people of all ages. The rapid changes in internet technology have greatly affected our daily lives and behaviors. It has become normal to spend hours playing games on the internet without taking your eyes off the screen.

Games are not only a source of fun, but they greatly improve the brains power, problem-solving skills, creativity and enhance the ability to take the right decisions quickly.

It has been observed that people who often play games can make quick decisions without losing accuracy. A lot of folks prefer playing games rather than watching TV, which is considered to be a passive activity. Games are brain exercises for the people of all ages.

There are cooking, dress up, make-up, and house management games. There are also tons of free games that could help children to learn and build their mind power without boring them. Puzzle games, color matching, vocabulary tests, IQ games and many other games could easily help children to learn with great fun and amusement. Puzzle games are also helpful to improve memory. Online game services are a profitable business with great potential to make money.

A powerful gaming experience demands a powerful game server. Hosting companies quickly recognized the rise of game industry and started assembling game servers for both who make the money out of internet games and those who love playing games online.

Gaming websites usually sell credits to play online or display advertisements to generate online income. Internet game servers are different from regular server machines. Game servers are equipped with high quality graphic cards to deliver the rich media and high-quality graphics to players.

A regular dedicated machine does not need a rich graphic card to be installed for websites and databases. Mainly there are two broad categories of internet game servers – a centralized model and a distributed model. The centralized hosting model allows players to go online and play right away without installing any simulator or client tools at their local PC or laptop. The second category has a distributed model that asks the user to download and install the tools on their local PC to play online. These servers are also known as listen servers.


Centralized and distributed game servers need power to handle the load of online players. There could be a number of players playing and participating at the same time.

World of Warcraft is one of the popular games using a centralized server model. Game servers demand more CPU power and do best on hyper-threading technology. Multi-core CPUs could perform at a better level as compared to traditional servers without HT CPUs. Nvidia graphic cards, AMD Radeon™ and XEON processors are hot choices in the game industry.

Low latency with fast ping results is vital for gaming websites. Players could easily be turned off if their server has high latency with longer ping results. Experienced game players usually select servers with lowest ping rates.

Fast networks have great importance for successful game business. Slow service is always annoying to the players. It is ideal to buy the game server to the nearest data center to your potential audience. Decreasing the number of hops could multiply the game speed and responses. Fast data transfer has a significant role in gaming platforms.

Game servers consume a lot more bandwidth than legacy dedicated machines. Game machines upload rich media and graphics continuously to hundreds of users at the same time. You must have plenty of bandwidth to entertain more users. Doom 3, MOHA, Halo, and Counter Strike are some popular examples of distributed game model that demand faster network and bandwidth. Some providers offer unmetered bandwidth which is extremely useful feature for game hosting service.

call of duty prolimehostGame servers generate a lot of traffic with huge data transfer. Unfortunately, game servers are common targets of DDoS attacks and hackers. Hackers are usually scanning the network to gain unauthorized access to game sites to sell the stolen credits. You need proper security and intrusion detection to prevent a dangerous attack.

A typical dedicated server could survive on much lower hardware specifications and power as compared to game servers. Shared hosting is the most common practice where hundreds of websites share a single dedicated server having reasonable hardware. Traditional hosting service does not need low latency and fast pings as game servers, as most of websites work perfectly fine under the latency of 350 milliseconds.

Servers specialized for games are way more expensive than regular dedicated servers. Traditional dedicated hosting does not generally need a huge chunk of bandwidth due to low data transfer.

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