How to Sell Online. Some Key Tips!

Selling Online Some Tips

Have you ever heard the term, “Sell the Sizzle and NOT the Steak”? Buying means making a decision, and that decision making process begins with a need to ease some pain, then logically progresses (in person) through stages of talking, thinking and actions toward closing the sale.

The key to online sales is creating compelling landing and checkout pages

There are no in person body clues online; no sales representative to nod their head up and down looking for a yes response, cueing the prospect to follow suit. Online, compelling landing and checkout pages are vital to your success.

Buying anything, including web hosting, is an emotion process

Buying anything is an emotional process, for some much more so than others, and that includes web hosting. Using the five senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell to evoke an emotion (tied to your offer) helps reinforce your solution in the eyes of your prospect. Add to that the know, like and trust factors and your conversion ratios will absolutely improve.

There’s a logical progression to buying

Closing the sale isn’t simply a yes or a no proposition. It’s a logical progression from a search query to the point “Add to Cart.” The term, “Always Be Closing,” applies to each and every page the prospect touches until the order is completed, and really should continue beyond that, with either a survey or recommendations for other products and services based on what they just purchased.

A confused prospect never buys

Giving your prospect too many choices or making the navigation from Point “Search” to Point “Buy’ difficult, just confuses prospects and diminishes conversions.

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ProlimeHost specializes in dedicated servers, with data centers in Los Angeles, Utah and Denver. Call +1 877 477 9454 or email us at We’re here to help.

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