Very Offbeat Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

Very Offbeat Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

Every Holiday Season, I dig into let’s say, some unusual gifts ideas on the Internet. The ones I’ve noted below caught my attention this afternoon. I’d love to hear about some of the more offbeat ideas you’ve run across.

First up, the Big Face Box

Tired of giving ties or socks to your Dad year after year at Christmas? Here are some very offbeat gadgets that will make him go, “what the gadget is that?”

First up, the Big Face Box. If your Dad has a big head, or thinks he knows it all, then this is the gift for you.  Essentially, it’s just a box that makes your face, uhm, BIG.

We all have days when we are congested, and it feels like our head is going to explode. Remember those days with the Big Box Head, or not.

This is a Holiday gift your Dad or Mom will never forget or forgive you for.

Or you could just give this to your little brother or sister. They’ll love you for it, guaranteed.


Next, the Glow Bowl

A white toilet sitting in a bathroom

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Yeah, that’s what it looks like, the Glow Bowl. It adds a certain ambience to your bathroom, but the gift of giving doesn’t stop there. It also acts like a “Pee-Puddle-Free” zone, if you catch my drift.

So, this could be one of the craziest Holiday gifts ever, or a real eye opener addition to that new home you’re building or rehabbing.

Don’t trust your aim to the blackness of the evening. See before you (you know what).

Your wife will thank you as it cuts down on that certain messiness of cleaning the bathroom AND it helps keep your restroom smelling fresher.

Every Glow Bowl comes with a replaceable air freshener, so it’ll provide months of odor protection.


Virtual Reality Goggles for Cows

A white cow standing on top of a dirt road

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Yes, that’s exactly what it looks like. You’re probably thinking this is just too wacky as your favorite cow would probably rather get some comfy foot warmers.

This VR set will hopefully increase the quantity and quality of their milk.


Decision Spinner

A close up of a sign

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Looking for something to give your favorite Grandmother or Grandfather? This will make their day. It’s called the Decision Spinner.

Why leave all those major decisions to luck? My favorite is, “Take a Nap.” You’ll notice that’s on there three times.

“Sit in Recliner” is a huge favorite after a hard day’s work, followed by, “Watch TV.”

But we all know old folks can get out of sorts at times, so they’ve added, “Be Grouchy” to the dial.

I haven’t seen too many Grandmothers or Grandfathers with blue hair, so that spot goes to the really kinky in-laws.


Quirky Egg Minder

A picture containing indoor, person, hand, white

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This takes IoT to the extreme. It’s called the Quirky Egg Minder.

I’ve often thought, “Why can’t I connect my egg tray to the Internet?” Well, now you can!

This device syncs with your smartphone and sends you push notifications when you’re close to running out of eggs.

Plus, LED lights on the tray tell you which of the eggs are nearing their expiration date.



A picture containing indoor, table, cup, sitting

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Featuring the Best Night Sleep You’ll Ever Have. It’s called the Dodow. I would have called it the DoSleep as it helps you to sleep faster.

On those nights when you endlessly toss and turn and cannot fall asleep, try this.

When you breathe along with the light as it fades in and out, it helps relax and calm your mind.

It reduces your breaths per minute by 55%, which in turn slows your heart rate, and within 8 minutes, you’ll be sound asleep.


Nightmare Fuel Machine

A picture containing indoor, clothing, sitting, black

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The Night Fuel Machine is a fantasy goofy gadget envisaged by duo Elliott Montgomery and Chris Woebken. In their Extrapolation Factory, they design future products, which might exist in upcoming years. This gadget from their Pawn Tomorrow project will allow you to replace memories of your choice with terrible nightmares. It allows the user to pilfer good memory’s energy source. Will it be a brilliant source of energy or an atrocious machine? The decision is yours.

Yeah, I think I’ll stick with brilliant source of energy. Who wants atrocious nightmares? Yipes!


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