Why and how you should use Twitter to promote your business

The Impact of Social Media

Twitter should absolutely be in your company’s market strategy

Ok, I admit that I didn’t jump on the Twitter bandwagon right away. I didn’t perceive a great deal of value in a lot of tweets I read in the early days. Twitter has evolved though, and I now realize there are plenty of super ways to leverage Twitter to grow your business.

Twitter is another way to brand your company

Brand awareness is now huge on Twitter. The key to branding is keeping your business in the public eye, using promotions to increase conversions for your products and services.

The key to Twitter is to be engaging

Engagement with your target audience lends to a heightened perception of know, like and trust, a crucial element in the sale of ANYTHING. And you don’t have to be the originator – simply show an interest in their tweets by reposting them or commenting on them.

Listening to tweets can identify market trends. What are people interested in today? RIGHT NOW?

Gain a competitive advantage by monitoring your competition’s tweets. Are they coming out with a new product or service? Or are they using Twitter in a way you haven’t thought of yet?

Reputation management on Twitter can be handled in real time

Reputation management is another critical app for Twitter as it allows you to know what’s being said about your brand in real-time. Quite often, simply by responding that you’re working on an issue helps quell any negativity.

Add on benefits of tweeting

  • Directing tweets to landing pages can help with conversions, especially if the offer is so compelling that your tweet gets reposted.
  • A significant side effect would be higher ranking in SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) leading to increased organic conversions.

How followers perceive your tweets is critical

Participating in industry discussions may help others perceive your business as EXPERTS in the field.

Following Twitter on mobile devices

Don’t forget mobile apps for people on the move. Twitter is ideal as a mobile communications tool.

Link your press releases to Twitter

Just issued a Press Release and want to get your announcement out quickly? Spread the word by Tweeting it.

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ProlimeHost specializes in dedicated servers, with data centers in Los Angeles, Utah and Denver. Call +1 877 477 9454 or email us at Sales@ProlimeHost.com. We’re here to help.

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