Why ProlimeHost?

Why ProlimeHost

Why ProlimeHost?

What differentiates one web hosting provider from another? Is it the number of servers that they host? Is it the infrastructure behind their services? When you’re researching which provider to migrate your data to or launch some project, do you choose solely on price, or is it on a combination of specifications and positive reviews you’ve read on the Internet and in web hosting forums?

What is important to you?

Does latency and uptime matter to you? How about response and resolution times? DDoS protection? Management options? Flexibility? How many of you have heard of the Benjamin Franklin close in sales? Utilizing this technique may help you decide which provider to use. Simply divide a sheet of paper by what features you absolutely need, which ones would be nice to have and which ones you don’t really need, but wouldn’t mind if they were included. Contact any number of prospective providers and run down your list, checking off which ones offer what services.

Thinning the herd

You can rule out any provider that doesn’t offer all of your required features. Of the remaining providers, add up the columns and compare. One of them should jump out and hit you square in the forehead as the provider to go with.

Creating your list

Don’t forget to list everything that’s important to you, and this could include everything from money back guarantees to bandwidth restrictions.


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