Dedicated Server Tips

Leasing a dedicated server affords you maximum control of your data

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting services come into play most often for business entities that require top-of-the-line hosting infrastructure to run their applications. If you’re running a simple HTML brochure type site, shared hosting would probably be the better solution. If you’re not doing anything particularly complex or resource hungry, but still need some flexibly in the applications you run and/or separation between accounts, then virtual private servers may fit the bill, or maybe even a reseller plan.

Enterprise standards for dedicated servers

Not all dedicated servers are engineered and manufactured to enterprise standards, even though many dedicated server providers market them that way. Enterprise essentially means that those servers are engineered to stay online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Desktop computers are not built to withstand that type of usage.

This comes into play more so when an online presence is the primary revenue source for a business or organization. I’ve seen dozens of complaints on web hosting forums where the OP (original poster) will say that this or that amount of downtime cost them thousands of dollars in lost revenue. If that’s the case, they obviously didn’t follow best practice for ensuring their site stayed online, regardless of what occurred with their primary provider.

Marketing Plan

Plan ahead

The key here is to plan ahead, determine the exact resources that you’ll require, be that one server or three, to accommodate your exact hosting requirements – and not buy into pre-set dedicated server packages based on price alone.

Dedicated server advantages

While 1000’s of sites can be shared on a dedicated server, all using the same IP address, the advantage to leasing a dedicated server for your sole purpose has huge advantages. You won’t be sharing resources like CPU, RAM or hard drive space. You’ll be able to harden that server to your exact specifications and no one else will be using your IP address. You decide which scripts, applications and programs will run on your server, which ultimately translates into improved security.

Combat cybercrime

Combat cybercrime

Security is huge because you don’t want to be trapped in a bad neighborhood sharing space with known scammers, spammers and cybercriminals, especially if the data you’re hosting is sensitive. And if you need to be PCI DSS compliant, dedicated is definitely the way to go.

Since dedicated servers come with a dedicated IP address, you won’t have to worry about that IP address getting blacklisted because of something someone else is doing. Your business reputation is protected, which bodes well for search engine ranking.

There still are restrictions on what you can and cannot do with your dedicated server.

For example, you cannot use it for nefarious reasons. Please read and comply with your dedicated server provider’s Terms of Service to avoid any downtime or unexpected charges.

So it’s down to this essentially – dedicated servers provide full control over many aspects of managing your online operations, making it possible to operate in a more secure environment while affording you the flexibility to customize your hosting to more specifically match your exacting requirements.

Sure, it will cost more than shared hosting, but soft dollar savings will more than compensate for upfront hard dollar expenses. After all, the real purpose to operating an online presence is to either brand your services or turn a profit, more often the latter.


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