Leasing Dedicated Servers at a Datacenter

Dedicated Servers

Leasing dedicated servers housed in a data center can minimize downtime of mission-critical servers and applications. Can you afford to lose even one hour of revenue stream? What would it mean to YOUR organization in lost sales, opportunities and productivity? Or lost clients?

What you need to know about leasing dedicated servers in a data center

Millions of dollars are lost every year to man-made & natural disasters with servers and applications hosted in-house. Whether your market is regional or global, statistics have shown an alarming percentage of organizations that have lost data go out of business within a year.

Scenario One:

Imagine a large organization headquartered downtown in a major metropolitan area (St. Louis, Chicago, NY, LA, Atlanta, Miami … ) with branches scattered throughout its suburbs. They host their own servers and run Point-to-Point T-1s from each branch back downtown, plus another Point-to-Point T-1 from their HQ to a processing service out-of-state. Internet access is provided via an ISP to their Headquarters, then distributed to each branch. Let’s say they’re also hosting VoIP services. Murphy’s Law kicks in, (if something can go wrong, it will go wrong). It’s late Spring and a thunderstorm rolls through causing widespread loss of power across the area for days, including at its Headquarters. Twelve of its sixteen branches still have power, but lack Internet access or phone services. Would this severely impact their operation? Would leasing dedicated servers in a data center help? Absolutely!

Do prolonged power outages happen every year? With regularity! I used to live in the Sunshine State of Florida (Pensacola & Miami) – planned on hurricane threats every year (up and down the Gulf and Eastern seaboard). The Midwest – tornadoes, thunderstorms and floods. California – mudslides, fires and earthquakes (and an occasional brown-out). Been there – done that.

Scenario two:

You’ve started an immensely successful classic car dealership, where you showcase muscle cars on consignment, and historically ship a third of your inventory monthly via Internet orders worldwide. You’re on the fringe of a large metropolis, but the only connectivity to your dealership is a T-1 that seems to regularly choke, plus you endure an occasional power outage. Your Windows server is hosted in-house, but your website is on a dedicated server at a data center. Your website is always UP, but not your in-house connection. Someone in Australia is dying to own that ’57 Chevy you have on sale for $73,000.00 on your website, but you suffer delays in processing the order because your in-house servers are down. It seems like you’re constantly doing work-a-rounds. Does this severely impact your business? Would leasing dedicated servers housed in a data center (for all your web hosting requirements) help? Absolutely!

Scenario three:

You’re a web developer – a good one. You’ve been designing websites since 1969 (in anticipation of the upcoming Internet). Your client base has matured to the point where you have enough clients to justify a dedicated server hosted at a reputable data center. You’ve been using a proprietary control panel with a discount host (shared IPs), but feel now is the time to step up to cPanel on a managed Linux box. Your old host has been pretty decent except for a few lapses of downtime. Recently you’ve begun to read some questionable posts about your host on forums that help force the issue. One thread complained of the OP’s sites being hacked because they didn’t have the latest patches installed. It’s the second time one of her sites has been hacked and now her host is threatening to terminate her account (all 12 sites). For you, developing websites started out as an experiment, but over the years, it’s become your sole source of income. You start wondering how safe your sites are. If even one of your sites got hacked, would it severely impact your business? Would leasing a dedicated server from a reputable provider help? Absolutely!

Scenario four:

You manage streaming audio and video services, and need the absolute best possible bandwidth. You desperately need economy of scale in bandwidth vs cost, as you’ve just launched a viral promotion that promises to triple your revenue within months. Bandwidth pricing is becoming cost prohibitive with your current provider, so you’re considering moving to a host that offers 10Gbps connections and Terabytes of bandwidth at reasonable prices. If your current provider can’t economically support your anticipated bandwidth requirements, would that severely impact your promotion? Would leasing a dedicated server help? Absolutely!

Why Lease a Dedicated Server?

Reliability – Downtime can be crippling. What if you lost your (_______) for only an hour?

Centralized Point of Sales (POS) System – what if you couldn’t reconcile batched payments from 300 retail outlets nationwide?

File Server – who needs access to accounting software, vendor or client records anyway?

Flexibility – Scale your services as you grow your business. Lots of data centers offer 100Mbps and Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) up-links, with bandwidth as low as $xx/Mbps (it constantly goes lower and lower). Whether you have one server or hundreds of servers in-house, leasing them with reputable provider in a data center can support your requirements.

Security – You have $$ thousands, possibly $$ millions, currently invested in data and technology infrastructure. Protect your investment from malicious attacks or theft by leasing dedicated servers at a secure data center. Most data centers are protected 24/7/365 via physical security, monitored video surveillance cameras, controlled access (physical login, access card, and keyed access), plus smoke, temperature and moisture alarms. Most cross check visitors against client defined access lists. Plus, most have layered oversight of their center(s) via a 24/7/365 manned central command site utilizing advanced network monitoring tools.

Cost Management and $$ Savings – The cost to build, secure and maintain an in-house data center can run into the thousands of dollars, often millions. The cost of power alone can amount to $$ tens of thousands of savings between LA, Chicago, NY and Saint Louis. Layer on scaled bandwidth expense, multiple backup diesel fuel generators, 24/7/365 monitoring and it rapidly escalates beyond an expense most businesses desire to undertake. Plus, in-house skilled network engineers command sizable compensation and benefits. Volumes have been written about the expense of replacing qualified IT staff, should they move on to higher paying jobs or just leave without explanation.

If you lease dedicated servers housed at a data center, you’ll benefit from your providers investment in technology and staff, so you can concentrate on what you do best – run your business.


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Procuring an Asia optimized server improves the connection speed and quality between the server and the users in Asia or China. This can reduce latency, packet loss, jitter, and bandwidth issues that can affect the performance and reliability of the server and the applications hosted on it. For more information, please call 1-877-477-9454 or contact us.